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March 28, 2012


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rachel @ sweettarte

holy moly i can't believe you did this yourself! i am so impressed! and i love the new design.


great refresh. lots of character here! :-)


This is wonderful! I'm glad you posted about it because I wouldn't have known since I read you in my reader. But I like it a lot. It makes me happy! Great job!


Love the new design! Cant wait to hear the wacky adventures you've been up to!


Love the new look!!!!

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shelly (cookies and cups)

SO cute! So awesome that you did it all by yourself...I can barely check my own email :)

kids flip flops

Your new design are so impressive. This truly represents yourself. You are on your way to becoming a good cook and baker.

Amy Gavazzi

Love the design! I am revamping my site and it is tough! My husband is a computer programmer and he still Googles stuff!

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It looks awesome, Teanna! And I'm so glad you are back :)

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I support you, as always.I am revamping my site and it is tough! My husband is a computer programmer and he still Googles stuff!


Looks great, Teanna!

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Wow, it looks great. You should be really proud of yourself, I´m not sure I could have worked all this out and I´ve been using computers for the last twenty years. Well done!

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Welcome Back ! Your site design is really good. Its different, simple yet very impressive. Infact, the spork & foon ideology is also very innovative. Cheers!

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