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February 02, 2012


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I'm of the mindset of: what CANNOT go into a quesadilla?


I would have never thought of making this into a quesadilla but what an excellent and delicious idea. Love this girlfriend.

Joan Nova

Fun post...and I'll definitely be making my next quesadilla with saw-sage and peppuhs.

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Sausage and peppers make such a great combination... Love the look of these quesadillas!

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Roose Taylor

Yummy! Oh buddy I’m feeling hungry watching the picture of sausage and pepper quesadillas. It’s one of my favorite food item and thank you for writing about my favorite food item. Thanks


Hmm i think this is a very interesting recipe because it looks so good. I will try it when i will go home tonight. Thanks for sharing and i promise to come back to tell you the result.

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Hmm, thank you for sharing this, I will try to cook this for sure.


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