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August 05, 2010


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Uh, wow! Do you deliver??

Emily @Cleanliness

1. That house is amazing. I have been begging the hubby for lights just like the ones they have suspended over the island. Turns out, they cost probably a month's worth of groceries. However, I digress...
2. You're talking my language with these cookies, woman!


Hmmm - they look amazing as does this kitchen.


Wow, that is like my dream kitchen! And these are like my dream cookie (alcohol in cookies - genius!) And your cookies look pretty awesome even though they were baked in a pyrex casserole dish!


Pyrex is good. But a handmade casserole costs no more but looks superb. And it keeps your $ in the US & Canada
Nigel www.sidestreetstudio.com


the only thing more fun than facebook stalking and more impressive than the flavors of these cookies is that kitchen. wowza!


You're so right that the alcohol flavour often doesn't come through in baked goods so I'm surprised but happy to hear it comes through in these! And oh man am I jealous of that kitchen. Way to be creative with the baking equipment!


I totally thought I commented on this this morning, but apparently I dreamt it. Or at least forgot to fill in the captcha...

Kahlua + chocolate + cookies = HEAVENLY. Oh wow. And can I also just say that I have TOTAL KITCHEN ENVY over that beach house kitchen? Momma Lee and I were just saying the other day how we really want/need a bigger kitchen. Shame we can't do anything about it right now as we only moved into the new flat back in December... doh.

Jax x


N- that is a Kitchen ...MAAAARVELOUS! Why don't you start posting cooking videos from there ;-)
Thanks for the tip on buying the airplane bottles, I've been the idiot buying the regular sized bottles for just a tsp's worth in a recipe. My local bottle store just thinks I'm a chronic drunk soccer mom....

Avanika (Yumsilicious Bakes)

That is an awesome kitchen!! And I saw those cookies, too, wonderful!!!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Yum!! I saw these cookies over at Doughmesstic, too... Now seeing your take on them, I am dying to make them!

PS - I know how you feel about people not having well-stocked kitchens. I have been known to travel with my own knives, cutting board, and pots and pans when we go on vacation. Drives my family nuts. :)

Taastrup Catering

Nice cookies!

Cross Country Home Services

You're so right that the alcohol flavour often doesn't come through in baked goods so I'm surprised but happy to hear it comes through in these! And oh man am I jealous of that kitchen.

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