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August 06, 2010


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I was relieved to read that the towel was for Halloween.. otherwise that big bug... might have spoiled the nice wholesome effect.

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While I haven't removed my mouse from my desk just yet, it's easy to only use the Magic Trackpad with no need for the mouse whatsoever. The most difficult adjustment has been getting used to not having to pick up and move a device in order to navigate. The Trackpad blends in perfectly with my iMac and bluetooth keyboard and looks much better on my desk while offering a simple, elegant, efficient interface tool that requires little space. It's a great idea that has been executed well. The touch movements are easy to master and it has a proper tactile feel via the finger friction and integrated buttons that (built into the feet on the bottom of the Trackpad) provide clickable feedback for those who don't want to simply tap the Trackpad.

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I read an interesting theory recently linking the decline in teacher quality (and in numbers of nursing students) over the past decades to the increasing acceptance of women in management roles in other professions. As the theory goes - a generation ago, there simply weren't as many career options available to even the highest achieving women, so the overall pool of candidate teachers and nurses was much stronger. Now many brilliant women who might have been excellent teachers or nurses are instead becoming physicians, CEOs, or politicians.

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