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August 06, 2010


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Y'know at first when I saw this post I had to look twice, because the idea of serving eggs benedict on a ham and cheese scone is pure brilliance. Eggs benedict is awesome anyway, but this entire combination sounds far too good.

I know what I'm craving now. Also, don't you love it when mistakes turn out to be strokes of brilliance?

Jax x


why have i never thought of a scone in eggs benedict? genius!


We once accidentally added too much lemon to our hollandaise, and loved it! Glad to see others also make this "mistake" and love it.


I love the idea of the ham and cheese scones for eggs benedict - pure genius! The extra lemon sounds like a perfect accident.


This looks absolutely delicious! Miss seeing you around the blogosphere!!!!!!


I just had eggs benedict on brioche with Tasmanian smoked salmon the other morning. It was delish, but I bet your eggs benedict could compete. Miss your cooking and miss you, too!


Breakfast food porn - LOVE IT


Nothing could be improved here!! I love eggs benedict and put it on a scone?! So delicious. Breakfast food is the best.

shelly (cookies and cups)

I want this for dinner, is that crazy?!

jenn (Bread + Butter)

Breakfast of champions is what I say.


cool idea to put benedict on a scone... must give this a try because it sounds delicious!

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I know what I'm craving now. Also, don't you love it when mistakes turn out to be strokes of brilliance?

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