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May 11, 2010


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Oh, this post cracks me up! One of those days, huh? Well, if it's any consolation, just at lunch today, I left some very nice stuffs I bought at my favorite store at the restaurant. When I entered the restaurant and sat down, I told myself to place the bag of purchased items right on top of the table (not on the floor, not on nor at the side of the chairs) just so that I'll remember it when I leave. The bag was in full visible view throughout lunch but guess what, I left the restaurant leaving that bag behind!
Back to your berry tart - that is one great-looking, fabulously delicious tart! All's not lost!! Cheers.


You would NEVER be able to tell you had such a hard time just by looking at your picture. Your tart looks beautiful. :)


Oh my, the "no tart in the oven" bit was great. It's that moment when you start to wonder if your brain isn't turning on you.


I can't believe after all that, you have such a lovely picture of a tart. I'm sorry for your troubles, but kinda glad to know it's not just me. ;)

steph (whisk/spoon)

d'oh!! well, it made for a good story, and at least you got one perfect, gorgeous fruit tart!!


oh no !! I could do the same but much worse !! And the only one is gorgeous !!


This is probably, well... usually me in the kitchen. Its almost as if you were watching me and taking notes at epic kitchen fails! I'm glad I'm not the only one :)

But, your finished tart looks like a home run to me!!!!!


Gosh, if we lived on the same coast I'd make a tropical fruit tart and bring it to you! At least the berry tart looks superb. And I missed that macaron post and shouldn't have clicked on the link...I'm doing research on them before I attempt my first batch.


Who knew making a berry tart could be filled with so much drama and excitement!

Katie @ Cozydelicious

You are too funny! I have so been there. Sometimes your kitchen mojo just takes a vacation. I have even woken up in the middle of the night realizing that I left the oven on. But your tart looks lovely!


Haha, this is totally a day in my life Teanna! Despite all of the trials and tribulations your classic tart is stunning. This one is definitely a repeat this summer when berries are abundant!


I'm with everyone else - you got a beautiful tart despite everything that the world had thrown at you. I know I've done stuff just like this before - and it's a measure of a good (or exhausted) cook who knows when to not give up! Great job, Teanna!


You might have almost lost your head during the process but it looks gorgeous. Wow... what a story.


I can relate! I have had frustrating moments especially while trying to make pastry cream, which I tried dozens of times until I finally learnt it at pastry school. Beautiful tart though and as they say, it is the result that counts, right?


Your story makes me kind of sad! I do a lot better if I stay on track and do one thing at a time in the kitchen.


That sounds like an episode from my kitchen! The tart you DID make is stunning!!! I love the fresh fruit photography - you've really captured the "freshness"!


If you ask me, any dessert with three components is almost never "quick". Buuuut, what do I know, LOL.

Anyway, I'm glad you at least got one lovely tart for your efforts. It does look good.


This is so amazing! Beautiful.

Sarah from 20somethingcupcakes

For all of those strikes, I'd say this turned out perfectly! Who needs more than 1 tart, anyway? xxSAS

shelly (cookies and cups)

hahaha ~ papaya taste like feet! I thought I was the only one who didn't like them and now I know why!!! feet!
I think asking him if he ate the tart shell was totally legit :)

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