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May 11, 2010


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Oh, Teanna, sounds like some days in my kitchen! Hilarious! Your tart looks gorgeous, though, so I guess it all payed off in the end ;) I still haven't tackled this one, we'll see if I can get to it by the end of the day...


Oh dear, that sounds like the kind of day I have from time to time! But despite your issues, your tart looks absolutely amazing!


Oh, my word...all this for a simple little tart...you have to win the perseverance award this week. You would never know by looking at them...they look absolutely delicious and beautiful.


Oh I have definitely had moments like that in the kitchen! At least you got one good tart. I tried to make tartlets yesterday and couldn't even got started because after 2 trips to town and wasting over an hour, I still couldn't find any tartlet pans! Some days I have to remind myself that baking is fun :)


What??? You've been with me while I cook?? Amazing!!! Despite all your 'strike outs' the tart looks beautiful. Strawberries and blueberries are always a great combo.

Papaya tastes like feet!! I didn't know!1 Another good reason not to eat them.

Let us know when you make the tropical tart. Sounds WONDERFUL!!

Avanika (Yumsilicious Bakes)

Hahaha I am laughing so hard at this post! This sounds like me on my off days! And still somehow, you managed to make something that looks beautiful! :D


Oh goodness, comedy of errors eh? Well the tart looks lovely!


Oh, boy! Sorry about your mishaps. The tropical tart did sound like a good idea. Next time. :)


I guess all you can do is laugh! We all have those days in the kitchen, good and bad! Your tart looks so good and your fruit is placed so nicely. I kinda dumped and scattered!


Hee..hee...is it wrong that I feel slightly better knowing I am not the only one with eggshells in her eggs and disasters in her kitchen. I predict by next week you will get your baking mojo back. Thanks for a great post.


Ha! Well the tart looks like a success! Love the berries!


LOL @ his response. that's too funny!
It looks AMAZING despite almost losing your head :)


Thanks for sharing, Teanna. My daughter is sitting here at the table with me and wanted to know why I was laughing... =) Never even putting the tart dough in the oven is totally something I would do...


So sorry you had some difficulties, although it did make for a great post! :) Thanks for baking along with me. Your tart looks beautiful!


I'm speechless, this is so amazing!

Emily @ Cleanliness

Holy gorgeous cake, lady! Wow. I am so impressed.


Hee hee! I think we must be related! The tart you actually got baked looks fantastic!!


Oh no!! Well at least the one tart that you managed to finish looks absolutely perfect!


I'm still laughing about the papaya! Your tart looks perfect!


Wow...at least your tart holds up against any other tarts I've seen! Looks great!

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