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May 04, 2010


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The custard alone was amazing. I'm surprised there was any left at my house to make ice cream. Yum!

Katie @ Cozydelicious

This is too funny. I had totalyy convinced myself that I liked froyo better until I got an ice cream maker. Then I remembered how awesome real, wonderful, homemade ice cream is. And your ice cream looks amazing.


Bagels are a major weakness here, I don't buy them and I only rarely make them so I can't eat too many. I am impressed that you have the self control to mainly eat frozen yogurt. I always buy it thinking it'll be just as good as ice cream and am always disappointed - one of these days I'll learn :) Glad you enjoyed the ice cream this week!


That is one inviting photo.


I have more than 4 food weakness I think. :) Your ice cream looks yummy!

hannah @ thepastrykook

i will never have to courage to convince myself not to like ice cream. i will live and die by ice cream.


Hey, girl! Looks amazing. What ice cream maker do you recommend? I am thinking of buying me one.


mmmmmm, lucky charms! You can't get them anymore in the UK (unless you live in London), no fair!

I agree, this ice cream is top notch! Delicious.


Yepper, I considered the same thing, as in... why bother freezing it? Why not just eat it as soup? But I didn't.

Glad you enjoyed it, I agree, it was wonderful.


I agree, so good. Also: freeze dried ice cream = FAIL


mmm, gorgeous and delicious. i coulda swigged this custard too:)

(i lived on bagels, lucky charms, and mint chocolate chip ice cream in college! egads!)


This is good isn't it. All by itself.

Love the little drizzle on the side of the glass.

Bring a straw. don't miss any of it.

Bianca @south bay rants n raves

I've been following your blog for a while & I feel sheepish that I didn't know what TWD meant this whole time until now... oh well, guess I'll wash that feeling down w/ some ice cream :)

steph (whisk/spoon)

haha! before i churned mine, i tasted the base, and just wanted to drink it straight. so tasty! (i love frozen yogurt...but it has to taste tangy like real yogurt...not like it's trying to trick you into thinking it's really ice cream.)

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Ice cream is my weakness, too... And this looks like one that I wouldn't be able to resist. I was planning on making some ice cream this weekend since we're having some friends over. Maybe I'll give this one a try!

Avanika (Yumsilicious Bakes)

Melted out of a glass sounds like pure heaven :)

Carol Peterman

I ate more of the pre-frozen custard than I care to admit to.

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looks perfect! this is so interesting


Let me tell you there as been many a time I've wanted to do the same thing. I refrained but barely. :)

This ice cream was at the top of my list to make...you sealed the deal.

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It's so nice to have you do all of the research for us. It makes our decision making so much easier!! Thanks.

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