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May 04, 2010


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I tried to convince myself for years that I didn't like ice cream and that frozen yogurt was superior too. When I came to my sense I am a proud ice cream lover. Now when people tell me they love frozen yogurt, I rolls my eyes and think, "No you don't, you just haven't come to your senses yet." This ice cream looks GREAT!

Tangled Noodle

The two reasons I don't eat ice cream every day are that I'm too cheap to buy the good stuff and too lazy to make it myself. Who says personal faults aren't good for something? 8-)

I don't doubt for a minute that the custard for this was phenomenal. There's no shame in considering guzzling it down - it's still the same concept, different temperature!


There is just something great about a little spoon of ice cream or yogurt or sorbet to end the meal...it just tops it all off so nicely. Your ice cream looks wonderful. I loved reading your list of favs...very fun.


I used to eat froyo for dinner every night in college. those were the days!


well.. at least you came to your senses in the end. And we all did enjoy the ice cream. *yums*


Bagels, frozen yogurt and those big thick crunchy pretzels. :-) I loved this too!!


I, too, have a fro yo weekness! Your ice cream looks perfect!! This was amaaaazing!!


Soooo good. Also, I like the artful drip coming over your glass in the picture.


I did more than consider taking a swig of this custard. It was lucky to make it into the ice cream maker at all- but thank god it did. Best ice cream ever!
Oh, and in college my "diet" little caesars and ben & jerrys heath bar crunch. Yeah, taking off that freshman 15 was a lot less fun than putting it on!


gutted bagels. you crack me up!

Jessica of My Baking Heart

Love the photo - so glad you liked this one! :)


This was delicious!

(And I licked my spatula after pouring it into the dish and scraping out the bowl-there's no judgement here!)


ha, i understand about wanting to take that swig. no shame there.

jenn (Bread + Butter)

OMG I LOOOOOOOve Lucky Charms. I used to dig out the marshmallows from my bowl and save them for last. hahaha...

It's been sort of summery weather lately everywhere, I think a few scoop of this ice cream would definitely do the trick. I seriously wish I had an ice cream maker!

5 Star Foodie

Burnt sugar ice cream sounds quite heavenly!


Ha! I love the food-based rationale and exemptions we justified to ourselves in college.

I can't imagine eating like that ever again.


Great picture! I wish I had that right here in front of me. And cheeseburgers and margaritas are some good weaknesses to have :)


looks perfect!


Awesome. I love "frozen yogurt" better than ice cream, too. ;) No really.
Glug, glug!


I tried to count how many food weaknesses I have, and I lost count! Ice Cream definitely makes the list. Cookies (especially fresh baked). Curry (of all kinds). Ramen. Milk and cereal. Peanut butter and jelly...

Where was I? Oh, right. This ice cream looks amazing! :-P

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