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May 18, 2010


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Looks so good - must resist!


I agree. It was fabulous and your looks completely irresistible. I'm impressed with your will power.


Nice job on the willpower Teanna! I'm rarely so disciplined... I really wanted to like this one but I just don't think I'm a bread pudding person. Though hearing that you've been converted gives me hope that someday I'll find THE recipe that convinces me :)

jenn (Bread + Butter)

I really need to try making bread pudding when I get back from my trip. I've been wanting to for quite sometime, but I just never got to it.


Looks amazing and bet it tasted even better.


wow. Looks so good. I will agree with flour child it would be a perfect in rainy weather.

Front Sight

Your bread pudding looks really nice in the pan! I’m wishing I had made a full size one now, and I’m not a big fan of it either. It’s finally warming up here, so this was totally unsuitable, but I still ate every bite!

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Yum. And more yum. Two pints of ice cream. Minimum.

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