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May 18, 2010


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Looks beautiful.

Pint of ice cream? What flavor?


I am not usually a big bread pudding fan, but this looks incredible!


such self control. At least you got one bite!


I am amazed by your will power! My inner fat kid got the best of me. ;)


Yum. And more yum. Two pints of ice cream. Minimum.


Ha - I wish I could've stopped myself at one bite. Nope. I ate many, MANY bites of this! Yours looks amazing!


Ha ha! I have that fight all the time. Your bread pudding would have been irresistible if it was in front of me!

Clivia Gardens

Gorgeous! I had a whole bowlful. It was hard to resist.


This is definitely a recipe I'm making soon. I've told you before we're huge bread pudding fans. Well, my kids love it even more (if that's possible) when there is warm mushy fruit in it! We WILL be going the ice cream route. :)


oh, how i can relate! i got myself a tiny ramekin full...and then another one. i wanted to add some icecream but refrained (at least at that moment!) this was so so good!


Wow, nice will power. I need to work on mine some more. Where is that little shoulder angel when you need her? Looks good, unlike mine, which was swimming in scrambled egg whites!
Oh, I made up for it, never you worry! ;)


I can't believe you were able to stop at one bite--you have amazing willpower! I only made 2 ramekins full, and I inhaled them both before I could even think about it! I used rhubarb, and that's healthy, right?


I confess I have no will power and because I love bread pudding, I skipped this delicious recipe.


I don't usually love bread pudding - it's good, but not my favorite - but yours looks amazing! I would definitely eat a few pieces :-P

The Duo Dishes

That apple pudding layer is intriguing!


I know- what is it about the beach and summer that makes you want to eat fatty foods? Your bread pudding looks great@


I made two little ramekins of it so I would not be tempted! Your BP looks great!


that totally stumps me too - why do we wanna eat bad food at the BEACH in BIKINIS! lol

steph (whisk/spoon)

looks awesome--even without the ice cream!


How could you stop at one bite of this. It looks sick (as in the good sick). hehe

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