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May 05, 2010


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You did a great job on the cake! It looks so delicious! I want some right now! I am really drooling here.


Ha-ha! That Jack's a funny guy! :)

Sounds yummy. Though, in your opinion not as lovely as your first cake I think it's still pretty!


It looks wonderful Teanna. The oozing dulce de leche makes me want to eat it right off the screen!

Joelle Wolstein

Hi. This cake looks amazing. I'm going to attempt to make it for my boyfriend's birthday this weekend. Just one question, how much dulce de leche did you use between layers of cake (1 cup? 3/4?)?




I used about 1/3 cup between layers. Just be sure not to get it too close to the edge or else it will ooze out!


I used about 1/3 cup between layers. Just be sure not to get it too close to the edge or else it will ooze out!

Joelle Wolstein

Thanks! I'll let you know how it turns out :)


so my only problem was the whipped cream... it was fine until i folded in the dulce de leche, and now it's clumpy and watery? i don't know what i did wrong :(

otherwise, absolutely delicious!

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Oh my God! What a wonderful cake this is! I can't wait anymore to have a bite that. Your nice picture posting makes me crazy. Good!

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