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May 05, 2010


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Hi Teanna - I made Flo Braker's Tres Leche cake a week ago with homemade dulce de leche and dulce de leche whipped cream with cinnamon. I love it! All of your recipes look so good, I want to try them all. Your site is gorgeous, thanks for all the inspiration.

jenn (Bread + Butter)

Gotta love Paula Deen right. hahaha... Sometimes I have to try and revise her recipes a bit justs to make sure my arteries can handle it. I'm liking this revised cake. Definitely a fitting treat for Cinco de Mayo. The new version of the cake still looks great even if you were in a rush. :)


I swear, you're trying to kill me! But what a way to go...I am dying happy :-P


I love this cake. Tres leche cakes are so decadent. And this one is over the top. Beautiful!!!

steph (whisk/spoon)

OMG--that looks so good! want to come over right now and bring that for dessert? i have homemade tamales, guac and lots of beer!


Too funny! My first thought when I saw the picture of the old cake was, "oh yeah, the stegosaurus cake" LOL Not making fun or anything, it's just memorable that he made that comparison! The cake looks delicious, even if you don't think it's as pretty as the original. I'm pretty sure no one will mind ;)


that's the whitest, fluffiest, most tender cake i've ever seen, and the dulce de leche oozing out between the layers is just phenomenal. this makes me wish every day was cinco de mayo. :)

shelly (cookies and cups)

Stegosaurus cake! lol!
Looks amazing both old and new :)


Both cakes look amazing! I might have to make this for my mom's upcoming birthday. She loves dulce de leche.

Avanika (Yumsilicious Bakes)

Oh my! This cake looks and sounds abdolutely fabulous!! Bookmarked!

Houston Domestic Partnership Attorney

Looks wonderful and delicious. Definitely a classic dessert. Thanks for sharing your baking recipe.

Healthy Foods Blog

Is there any word sounds delightful than amazing? Because this is how I describe this deliciously-looking cake.

- Tera


What a beauty!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Oh, that cake looks incredible!

Stephanie Louie

Both cakes are pretty! I know what you mean about the refrigerated cakes. It bothers me too. I never understand the people who think that it doesn't make a difference because it does!


THAT. does look de-lish!


Wow! sinful!!


This cake looks like "Brazo de Mercedez" =)

You're a beautiful girl must deserved a product like this ^^

Lynsey James March

What a beautiful and delicious cake! Yes, you do have to watch when you try those Paula Deen recipes for the sweetness factor!

Nike Shox R4

delicious cake,desire to have an eat,love here

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