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April 07, 2010


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Your cake is beautiful! You're a champion for making it anyway, and I'm glad you liked it!

Emily from Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Oh this looks so light and fluffy and delish!


yeah, no worries about forgetting it for Easter as long as you get to enjoy it! My cake was nice and moist too- don't know why so many got dry cakes. It's a shame. a downright shame.


Wow...sounds like a busy time!

Your cake looks gorgeous!

Did the 2 year old make faces back at you? That would have been HILARIOUS!


ha...I do the same thing...I plan out a lovely schedule for myself, which rarely ends up happening! But your cake looks beautiful and I'm glad u enjoyed it! Mine was incredibly moist as well. I loved this cake!


I'm not very good at Call of Duty either :-P I grew up playing games on a computer, and the switch to thumbs instead of mouse and keyboard is hard!


Love your day plans, if anything but to just know I'm not alone in having so many dreams of all the great things I'll bake and take places and am lucky when I make the kids pb&j lunches for the day!
How's work?


Does this ever happen to me? Uh, yes, absolutely! My ideal way of things never works out the beautiful way it does in my head. The silver lining is that it makes our blog stories more interesting :) The cake looks delicious, mmmm...coconut.


Ah the best laid plans....
Your cake looks great, we thought this was a good cake, moist and light.


Yes, this happens to me all the time which is why my pantry is overflowing with baking ingredients. I always have the best intentions but life gets in the way of baking sometimes. Glad you were able to finally make this cake, the sugary crust sounds fantastic, and the crumb does look pretty tender in your photo.


I'm exhausted just reading this post! The cake looks great though, and I hope everyone enjoyed it.

5 Star Foodie

The coconut cake looks terrific, a slice would be great with my cup of coffee right now!


Im glad you enjoyed the cake! I hope you get some Rand R soon!!


Ha ha--your day sounds exactly like mine (every day)! I loved this cake too--found it moist, delicious, and pretty irresistible.

steph (whisk/spoon)

haha! i know what you mean--i never get anything done! at least you made a nice cake in the end. hope your first week of work was good!


Yes, yes that does happen to me. Pretty much everyday I say I'm going to make blah blah blah and then the time comes and I wimp out. :( My kids have been complaining about the lack of desserts.


This cake looks scrumptious! I love coconut!


I have good light - and nothing to shoot! This looks wonderful! You've captured the fluffiness for sure - and you're right - more for you! Nicely done!


Haha I totally relate to your post - I always have grand ambitions for my day and rarely do things pan out as I'd planned. Oh well, keeps thing interesting. Great job on the cake!

MBT Shoes

It's so nice to have you do all of the research for us. It makes our decision making so much easier!! Thanks.

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