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April 27, 2010


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I like dried fruit in granola, but not in these cookies. At least the Guys liked them.


Yours look so good! So many were not spreading out.


Thanks for baking along with me this week. I like the cranberries and white chocolate idea. I hope your new job is going well.


i have a white chocolate and cranberry recipe that i love... wait, where is that darned cookbook?


Your cookies look delicious!!!!


I have issues with fruit and nuts in cookies, too :) The white chocolate and craisin sounds like a great combination, though!


i thought about white chocolate chips but decided to stick w/regular chocolate. looking at yours, i wish i had tried it!

Carol M.

White Chocolate and Cranberries? Great idea! Why didn't I think of that?


How funny - I also thought they needed more coconut. LOVE your additions - and good sub for molasses! I think it's made from brown sugar anyway isn't it? Beautiful cookies!


I'm a purist too, but these cookies look spectacular! Love the Larry David bit! So true. :D


Oh...31 is not old. So at 28, you have nothing to worry about.:P


I love your photo of white choc-cranberries cookies! That's my fav. combo for holiday bakes! I can just imagine how your cookies taste! Divine, I'm sure. Very, very nice.


Nice job on your cookies! They look yummy!


Agree on the white chocolate and the cherries -- I was totally weirded out by the combo of flavors in these cookies but they were totally good! Yours look fab.


Wow, I love your change-ups! Those sound and look really great. No need to tell you, I'm sure, that the guys inhaled these and wanted more. They were a hit...I will need to try your version next time as I think they would enjoy the mix-ups!


The white chocolate chips seem like a great idea. I skipped on down and had a look at your Swedish Vising Cake. The powdered sugar really sets it off. Making a note in my cookbook to do that next time.


They look great and what a good idea to add some white chocolate..yum!


I am trying your version of these cookies, since I love the combo of white chocolate and cranberries. Yum!


mmm, pistachios and cranberries and white chocolate. thanks for the inspiration. (they'd look all pretty, too:))


I really liked the fruity, nutty, chocolate combo, more than I thought I would.
Do you have a favorite "purist" chocolate chip cookie recipe?

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