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April 20, 2010


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Ciao ! Your cake looks so great I want to bake it again !!!


Your cake looks SO delicious! I didn't get around to baking it, but I want to now!


Loved this one. I didn't make the biscuits. Ah well.


I have been a bigger slacker!!! OOF! I still have to make this and today's recipe! Your cake looks marvelous!


Delicious! I love the way your powdered sugar looks...and any time you can make a cake that's the same as a Keller cake, you have to do it!

jenn (Bread + Butter)

So if I visited you, would you bake this for me? hehehe... Yum!!!


Better late than never, right? Thanks for sharing another great recipe featuring almond! I'm definitely going to try this one and the Thomas Keller recipe so I can compare, although I have a feeling the 5 minute one will be my go-to recipe :)


I have felt like the class slacker for the last several months. :) This was a delicious cake and I am glad you got to make it!


It looks gorgeous, and how cool that it's as good as the more complicated recipe! Thanks for saving the rest of us some time!


Wonderful photos Teanna!! Your cake is gorgeous. Don't beat yourself up about the slacking - it happens to all of us :)

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Lovely cake! Always nice to have a few quick and easy recipes that taste great when I'm in a pinch... I'll keep this one in mind.


I am so with you in the slacking department. Don't sweat it, and it's probably a good thing we aren't actually required to do this, LOL.

Your cake looks delish, glad to hear it compares to the more labor intensive cake.

food librarian

Your cake looks delicious. And I'm raising my hand to join the slacker club. - mary


lovely, like all of your desserts!

Nancy (n.o.e.)

I just found this stray tab on my computer with my (never submitted) comment on your Thomas Keller almond cake. So now I see that you baked the SVC too!! Keller's looks so similar to Dorie's cake, and I'm glad that you baked both so now I can just skip the 30-minutes and need-to-have-almond-paste version and stick with the easy peasy Swedish shortcut cake!! Thanks for baking with me - what's a week late between friends?!

Nastassia (let me eat cake)

I just discovered your blog and I love it! This cake looks amazing and I'm sure it tastes even better than it looks! I'm looking forward to visiting here more often :)

Carol Peterman

I think it would be hard to beat this cake with how easy it is to put together.

carolina little

I am just now trying to catch up with blogs. I have not had time to post one in a while too! I think I am going to try to do the tart tomorrow. I have to run to the store. Ugh! Wish I could just wish everything to appear and it would. Well, your stuff still looks amazing. This picture is wonderful!

Nike Shox R4

so special cake


I made this sucker and for the ease of baking it, it's pure brillance! Loved this!

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