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April 30, 2010


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jenn (Bread + Butter)

OMG, these are soo cute!!! Making leftovers like new is the way to go. Now I want some.

5 Star Foodie

These are just adorable and so delicious, I love that melting fontina cheese!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Yay... I have been on a sliders kick lately, making them for all sorts of get-togethers. These are even better because you were able to repurpose some leftovers!

The Duo Dishes

A meatloaf sandwich is awesome. All the time! The fontina and arugula paired with chicken for these sliders is awesome.

A Bowl Of Mush

Wow these look so gorgeous and so delicious!!

I'm very tempted to get up and go make these right now!


I love sliders! Don't know why - something about a mini burger just gets me. These look delicious!


Your description of these sliders is making me hungry. I want some for breakfast! I love the fontina and arugula topping idea.


gosh these look so cute! and delicious too :D

Katie @ Cozydelicious

This is totally brilliant! I usually make meatballs in big batches and then freeze some, so this could be an excellent quick meal. How have I never thought to turn a meatball into a little bity sandwich? I love it! And the arugula on top is just perfect. Yum!


YUM!! Now I wish I had saved some of those chicken meatballs. Will remember this for next time :)


ps. forgot to mention in my last comment that I made some chicken/portobella meatballs last week which would have tasted awesome as sliders.

shelly (cookies and cups)

Awesome idea! My hubby is Italian so we always have extra meatballs from Sunday dinner. And to be honest I am sick of meatball subs. This is a perfect alternative :)


okay not only these are so cute but hello to my taste buds tingling! these look really delicious, Plus they would make an excellent appetizer at a memorial day cook out


Sliders are the cutest things and these sound awesome! Definitely getting added to my list for this summer :)


I think this meatloaf sandwich sounds (and looks) delicious!

Nike Shox R4

these seems so cute! and delicious


I feel soughy thinking about them too. I'll take like a half dozen for dinner please. You can unload these kinds of leftovers on me anytime.


These look awesome. I am making them. Immediately. I would leave work and make them right now if I could!

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I have been on a sliders kick lately, making them for all sorts of get-togethers.

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