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April 13, 2010


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This sounds awesome! I'm glad you shared this with us today :) However, now I have two almond cakes to try!


Sounds like an incredible cake and the ice cream and compote must have taken it to another level. I'm making a strawberry rhubarb compote tomorrow! Now, I want to make this cake too!


that looks and sounds amazing!! I'm loving the dollop of ice cream served along with this delicious cake.


That looks delicious (and kind of like the Swedish Visiting Cake I have seen on other blogs). Glad to hear work is going well.

steph (whisk/spoon)

that does look awesome!! and ice cream and stawberries can't ruin anything, IMO. :)


Ice cream...strawberries...cake...

Must have!


Oh goodness.....

I am on the waiting list at my public library for a copy of the Bouchon book-I can NOT wait!

This cake looks amazing-and I am so glad that you love your job!!!!!!


I loved the Swedish cake and now need to try this one - it looks amazing!


I am so glad that you are loving the new job! This cake does look awesome!


Yum, this looks fabulous with the strawberry compote and ice cream - they wouldn't ruin my piece! The texture actually sounds sort of like the visiting cake so hopefully you'll enjoy it!


i'm pretty keen on the oodles of toasted almonds on top and your decision to use strawberry compote. what a lovely cake.

jenn (Bread + Butter)

I'm loving the strawberry compote!!! I'll take a slice with a big scoop of ice cream.


It looks fantastic especially the amaretto ice cream. I just checked out Bucheron from the library. I'll have to give this a try.


This looks and sound fantastic. I've never used almond paste before, but this sounds like a perfect thing to try it out with!

shelly (cookies and cups)

The fact that you have time to make half the stuff you post is way beyond me! This looks awesome! Great job, as usual!


LOL, I still have some of those "Buy us, we're crap" pans floating around in my kitchen! I can tell from your gorgeous photos just how awesome the consistency is in this Bouchon almond cake - CAN'T WAIT to try this recipe!


How did you know I had a cake to make for my fussy mom that pretty much only likes dessert with almond flavors and would kill for almond paste? Thanks!


Wow that looks amazing


THAT looks fantastic!! I really think you should share.



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