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March 17, 2010


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Too bad you didn't really like this one, it does look pretty though!!

I skipped it as I'm trying to lose weight: so I only make 2 out of every 4 TWD-recipes. This month I'm making the coconut tart, the coconut tea cake and the dulche de leche duos.

jenn (Bread + Butter)

Beautiful tart. I can't wait till I can eat chocolate once again. I hope that project goes well for you. :)


Your tart is gorgeous! Sorry it wasn't a favorite, guess they can't all be winners. Good luck with the project - I hope you get it :) Then, hopefully you can tell all of us about it because I'm curious!


I felt the same when I first had a bite while it was still warm, but I LOVED it at room temp, and even out of the fridge. So so good!


Your tart looks amazing! And I hope that you get what you are working so hard for.:)


Your tarts are so pretty. I really want to try making this. I hope your project is awesome and that you get some sleep soon.


This doesn't look like a tart that was made in a tight schedule... it looks fabulous! Good luck on your new project - I'm sure it's fantastic and well worth the extra hours (of non-sleep!)


Beautiful Tart. Soft raserries maybe good too. With chocolate of course.


Well I'm glad you are in TWD, theres no way I could make all those cakes, pies and desserts and stay sane. Or Alive for that matter.
I live vicariously through your posts ;-)!
Good luck with your project....


omg. it looks delicious.

can you be my mommy :P?


it came out absolutely stunning, as usual!

shelly (cookies and cups)

well, it looks amazing...and will you please post a video of you doing the triple luxes ;)


Looks gorgeous. Now go get some sleep!


Hope your able to get some rest soon. Best o' luck (lol) to you and your project!


i could go for a raserry tart, assuming they all look like yours. hope you achieve what you're shooting for working all these late nights!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Yum! What a pretty tart! Best of luck with your project... I hope everything turns out just as you are hoping.


Too bad you didn't like this tart. I love how you've decorated it though!

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