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March 02, 2010


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that looks amazing! sad i didn't bake along this week :(


I have boxes and boxes of GS cookies at my house right now. You're welcome to them.... Your tart looks delicious!


My goodness! that looks delectable..


Oh my gosh! Fabulous! I keep hearing about Girl Scout cookies, but no one asked me to buy any this year. Oh well, less calories!


What? I love samoas! I need a piece of this!


Samoas are my son's favorite, so I guesss I need to make him a tart like this.


What a fantastic combination - a bit of "nostalgia"! I'll have to try this combination. Hm... did I miss the GS this year too? Haven't seen them around...


WOW! Samoas are my favorite! Having one big Samoa cookie is just a dream come true...I need to eat this! Now! :-P


you were plump? no way. meh, most kids are, and think of all the tasty food you scarfed down. :)
i really like your take on this tart, teanna--it's lovely!

shelly (cookies and cups)

Those cookies are like crack ~ dangerous. And seriously, this tart looks like a close second..like the big girls version of the cookie!


Wow, my favorite GS cookie in tart form? Yum! I used to be a NYC Girl Scout too, and now I've got a daughter who's doing Girl Scouts -- she starts selling cookies next year, so I'm in for it. BTW, I found out recently that Samoas are sold in some parts of the country as Caramel Delight cookies. I had no idea!


Samoas are delicious! What a great idea!


Lord! That looks so amazing. I just might have to head to the kitchen and make one of those myself. Samoas have always been the only Girl Scout cookie for me!


Oh my gosh, this looks soooo luscious! Unfortunately I have no idea what Girl Scout Cookies taste like, we don't have them here....


What a great idea!! You're tart looks wonderful, but now I've got a hankering for some Girl Scout cookies. Mmm....girl scout cookies...

Rachel (S[d]OC)

Selling GS cookies was no fun. Be glad you missed out on the experience! You worked your butt off selling those cookies and ended up with very little money back in your pocket for whatever activity we were raising money for.

I admit I'm not fond of the cookies. Partially it's due to bad memories, and partially it's the quality. I like them in THEORY because they have great flavors. Samoas are chocolate and caramel-yum, but are sort of cheap tasting.

That's why I love desserts like this. Delicious homemade samoa-like desserts give everything I hope to get from the cookie, but taste so much better. This tart looks beyond awesome.


Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! You have brought a little piece of heaven to earth. I want a slice of this right now!


Lol! I made my parents buy the cookies from me so I could eat them. Thin mints and Samoas were my absolute favorite. Too bad there aren't any Girl Scouts in my neighborhood. They would've make a killing off me!

Elizabeth - Cake or Death

You are a genius. I think I would have liked this tart 2 million times better if I added chocolate and caramel! Next time call me when you get a good idea like this, missy!

Natalie (The Sweets Life)

just saw this on dessert stalking...this is brilliant! i LOVE samoas :)

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