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March 09, 2010


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i'll thank you now! hooray for the sunshine and big ol' blobs of strawberry jam. :)

Tangled Noodle

Oh, strawberries! Their little heart shapes make me so happy. It's drizzly and dreary today but the sight of these thumbprint cookies lighten the mood.


OMG that opening paragraph about spring, fabulous! What a way with words you have my dear :) The snow has about melted off my deck, I could shovel the rest off i suppose ;) These look amazing and kudos to you for getting those strawberries!

I am reaching out to my fellow foodies today to see if they on my Food Bloggers Discussion List. If you are not we would love to have you! Email me amanda AT amandascookin.com


I have pistachios down in my pantry.

Why do I never think of using them till it is to late???

Yours look wonderful.


Pistachios are such a great idea! Maybe if I had used those, I would have had little cartoon birds flying around my head.


I think that using pistachios was so darn inspired, way to go. I feel the same way about spring that you do, and I'm glad that you're getting a chance to enjoy it. The fresh macerated strawberries look amazing.


Homemade strawberry jam...awesome!
Happy Spring :)
ps. It's Japadog that might be coming to NYC!

Kelly D

Those strawberries look amazing and give me hope that spring is truly around the corner. I haven't worn a coat this week which is a good sign...


You're making me want to go run around NYC! Sigh. I was there 2 years ago in April and it was so beautiful! April's coming!
The cookies sound (and look) GREAT! Yummy flavors.


Wow, pistachios sounds amazing! What gorgeous strawberries!

Elizabeth - Cake or Death

Happy spring to you too! These sound ah-mazing. I'm practically tasting the homemade strawberry jam right now. You deserve the little cartoon birds around your head, for sure.

steph (whisk/spoon)

i used to think the city fruit vendors were a little dodgy, but now i buy from them all the time! these look delicious, and i today i'll be checking out the strawberries from my corner fruit dude!!


What perfect cookies for spring! OK, so today's a little grey and gloomy, but your pictures perked me back up.


I hadn't even considered pistachios for some reason. That's a wonderful idea!


I love pistachio cookies,but the strawberry jam make these cookies better!!!

Tia @ ButtercreamBarbie

mmm yummy. i hope you bought shelled pistacios cos i personally hate shelling them! lol

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