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March 09, 2010


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Pistachios must have been really nice in those... plus it gives them a nice tender greenish colour! Perfect for Spring!


We have to eat all of your strawberry and pistachio cookies quickly, eh? Twist my arm! Those look fantastic.


You made your own jam. Of course you did. I'm glad you are getting to experience spring!


These look delicious! Perfect way to usher in spring (please God let it be here for good!) I love the pistachio/strawberry combo!


These sound so delicious! I'll help you eat them!

jenn (Bread + Butter)

I've been making non-wintery eats lately, too. I think we're all ready for winter to be over. Fabulous cookies. Definitely worthy of the Spring fever waiting to happen.


Another nut in my freezer that needs to come out - pistachios... brilliant! These look fabulous - and I agree - the perfect spring cookie!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Very pretty! They look like spring on a plate. :)


Happy Sring to you too! I love the changes you made to these! They look absoutely wonderful!!


Those strawberries are gorgeous! The fruit carts were one of my favorite parts about living in NYC.


They look amazing! I love pistachios and those are very spring-y. I used almonds and lemon curd, but I was thinking about rhubarb, cause that's a sure sign of spring too!


I love the fresh strawberries in the cookies.


Fresh strawberries! Pistachios! And best of all...ginormous cookies! I love everything about this recipe :)


Those look delicious! And I love the strawberry/pistachio combo.


Oooh pistachios! and strawberries... Yum! I'm definitely gonna have to give that one a try. Please don't think less of me but I had to look up "macerate" in the dictionary. I mean like I knew what it meant. It was on the tip of my tongue but I couldn't quite come up with the definition in my own words. Macerate- verb (used with object): to soften or separate into parts by steeping in a liquid. Now it's my word of the day! HA HA!


Didn't you get my message? As I passed through New York on Saturday, I flung some blue skies and sunshine and warmer temps off the George Washington bridge in your direction.:) I brought them all the way from sunny North Carolina.:)

Your thumbprints look jammalicious!

carolina little

T, you did it again! Your posts just are awesome! I love your site.


Pistachios?? Inspired!

Sara Tea

I love pistachios AND strawberries. What a great concept. Gotta try these asap. You are the best for inspiration!

Carol Peterman

Yum. We don't get beautiful strawberries for $3.50 a pint at street stalls this time of year in Seattle. After the winter you have been through you deserve a little fresh berry heaven!

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