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March 23, 2010


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LOL! I love 30 Rock! I'm glad you liked these so much! Thanks for baking with me this week!

5 Star Foodie

These cookies are super delicious with dulce de leche!


These cookies were definitely a diet breaker for me, and it was worth falling off the wagon for! Your picture is so drool worthy!


Ciao ! Let's forget about dieting... !!


total diet breakers- I think that's why I feared making these again for this week!


I love 30 Rock! And these are definitely diet breakers...I think I gained weight just looking at them! But they're probably worth it...


That is some ddl love! DDL COOKIE LOVE! ;)
Do not check my blog for some serious diet breakers! ahem.


ha, diet breakers... i noticed that the girl scouts were selling a dulce de leche cookie, but when i looked at the box, i was so disappointed by them. now your cookies on the other hand... omg!


I love dulce de leche, so these diet breakers sound totally worth it to me!


Heavenly, they look ever so sinful. Thanks for sharing...


I love the contrast between your cookies & filling and I love 30 Rock!


i have a list of dealbreakers a mile long, and just about as many preferred diet breakers. add this one to the second list. :)


Oh, my. These cookies ARE dangerous!


Yep.. TOTAL diet breakers.

I'm so glad that I did not like them that much! Boyfriend can have them all.


These are diet breakers! I have read so much about 30 Rock, I feel that I must try and catch it. Liz Lemon sound slike a hoot.


I "heart" 30 Rock and Liz Lemon! :) Your cookies look delicious! I didn't get to these, but will have to rectify that, soon!

shelly (cookies and cups)

gee thanks, just what I need, another reason to break my diet ;)
love liz lemon!


The raw dough was a diet breaker for me!


Great analogy! I love 30 Rock. Beautiful cookies. :D


Diet breakers all the way. As my daughter pointed out for every one duo you actually get two cookies. She pulled hers apart so she could enjoy them longer.

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