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March 23, 2010


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They look amazing with that fluffy dulce de leche filling! I went temporarily insane and filled some of mine with ganache--they were really god.

jenn (Bread + Butter)

I guess I need to stay away from these cookies. ok maybe not. lol. How could you not resist dulce de leche? I'll take three!


I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought they were "dangerous"! These look extremely dangerous - but they're small. So you can eat more... right?

Tia @ ButtercreamBarbie

lol, i could name a ton of foods that are diet breakers for me. le sigh.


My cookies look just awful, but they taste so good.


These cookies would absolutely be a dietbreaker for someone on a diet. Can you say ADDICTIVE? So good.

The Duo Dishes

Are these the same thing as alfajores (sp)? Doesn't really matter because they look like the best way (or maybe not) to start a day's breakfast. :)

Tangled Noodle

I eat danger for breakfast! Especially if they're made with dulce de leche . . . I just bookmarked a post from someone on how to make your own DdeL in a crockpot (from a can of sweetened condensed milk). But any of the methods, whether they involved stovetop, microwave or slow cooker, all warn about exploding cans! WTH?! I'll just go with Beansy Loves Cake's way and buy a can of ready made.

These are indeed diet busters, but what a way to let yourself go! 8-D


I love Liz Lemon and I have a feeling I could fall in love with these cookies. The recent episodes with Michael Sheen, her soulmate to settle for, were hilarious!


Oh, yes!! Definitely dangerous. I had to freeze mine just to make sure I didn't eat them.

I love the dulce filling. Talk about over the top.

Those look heavenly.


Why you gotta go mention diet and dulce de leche in the same post? You just totally killed my cookie buzz! Now I'm sad. I need a cookie. Damn. It's a vicious cycle.

Amber Marie

Definitely diet breakers! I couldn't stop licking the dulce de leche spoon when I was making it! I had to pass these off to a friend.


yum yum yum! I agree - these are diet breakers for sure!! I love em! Yours look perfect!


Oh, your cookies look incredible! They are indeed diet breakers (along with numerous other things from Baking . . . sigh). But worth it!


These look fantastic and I wish mine had turned out like this! Maybe it's a good thing they didn't--diet breakers indeed!

carolina little

Yours look great! I am gonna make these soon. They seem sweet, simple, and tasty. I am gonna plan my week better to fit them in!


Wow these cookies are T-R-O-U-B-L-E! I can't stop staring at them!


I hear you... I baked about 1/3 of the batch and stuck the rest of the dough in the fridge. After plowing through them in about 10 seconds flat I tossed the rest of the dough in the trash... it was just too good to finish. Anyway, yours look fantastic! Fun post :)


Oh, I love that Liz Lemon. I had to remove some of them from the house and bring them to my neighbors because I ate one every time I walked by!


agreed. i am getting fatter by the minute!

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