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March 10, 2010


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5 Star Foodie

Yum! I love the pear, potato and bacon salad and rosemary mayo is fantastic!


beautiful dish, everything looks tasty too I love the rosemary mayo that's something I gotta try sometime :)


This looks so tasty-and what a wonderful story. I wonder if I could sub in thyme for rosemary????


That dish looks amazing! My husband can follow a simple recipe, but rarely cooks. Last time I gave him a recipe to follow he shared with me he didn't know how to properly cut an onion and it happened to be true. He covered by saying he thought the onions should be "rustic" for the recipe :)


I'd love to be the judge for one of your cooking competitions. Do let me know if that position opens up please! ;)


Definitely worth revisiting this gorgeous dish. And your boyfriend is a lucky guy indeed :)

jenn (Bread + Butter)

Oh, Jack. hahaha...

Delicious tenderloins. Perfect pairing with the salad. Definitely trying that mayo. Mmmm...


a question for the ages, indeed. i just love reading your posts, teanna--i always chuckle at your pithy humor. great dish, by the way. i was always a fan of dale. :)


Looks great, as ALWAYS!!! My boyfriend likes all my cooking and thinks i can do no wrong. Little does he know!
It does feel good to know that your cooking is appreciated though! :)

Chef Fresco

Awe man those little taters look insanely delish! Nice work on the mayo hereis one of our favorite pork dipping sauces.

Chef Fresco

Shoot it did not link the text... here it is.


Joan Nova

this is a really nice menu with lots of levels of flavor in each item

Stacey Snacks

I love this recipe.
Pork tenderloin is so versatile.
It always comes out great.


sounds glorious Teanna :)

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Reading this post made me laugh. My hubby has also stopped cooking in the last year or so. He used to be the one who had to do the grilling (since it was manly) but now he claims that he doesn't do it right and leaves everything to me. It must be a "men" thing :)


Haha Jack cracks me up. My husband has never been much of a cook (outside of grilling and macaroni and cheese from a box) but he is willing to help prep if I ask nicely. Chopping veggies is not on that prep list though - his knife skills leave a lot to be desired :)

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Last time I gave him a recipe to follow he shared with me he didn't know how to properly cut an onion and it happened to be true.

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