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March 01, 2010


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I posted a citrus treat today too! I love citrus and these look fabulous!


These look fantastic Teanna. I'm a sucker for all things citrus. They make me weak in the knees!


I love lemon bars!! Sounds like you had fun during those years! It's good to have moments\memories\experiences like that.


To think how far you've come, now able to master all those complicated Top Chef recipes. Thanks for sharing one of your favorite foolproof recipes, I love lemon bars!


Love lemon bars and what a great story. I love how easy lemon bars are and that you always have the stuff on hand. When I first starting baking and cooking I once needed a quick and inexpensive dessert idea and lemon bars it was!!


Lemons make me so happy so I love all of your photos of the bright yellow lemons :) This looks like a great recipe for those just learning to bake but I think it's just as good for those who already know how to bake - who doesn't love easy sometimes!


I love lemon bars, and these look so fresh and refreshing! You're quite an inspiration to many of us out there :)

Christine @ Fresh Local and Best

Lemon bars are among my top favorite desserts, they truly are crowd pleasers.


I love all your writing...it's like conversing with you!
My first baked good was a dinner roll, made with instant yeast. For some reason, I can bake anything except breads now! It's weird!


Can you believe I actually never had Lemon Bars, let alone baked them myself? These look scrumptious though, they're going on my 'things-to-bake'-list ;)

The first thing I ever baked was a Dutch Apple Pie, I will be posting a recipe for that this week as my mom made it the other day and I took the opportunity to photograph it :)


yeah, you raised the bar--literally. hardy har har. :)
seriously, i'm sure the folks at hbo rued the day you left and i doubt they eased the pain with anything as tasty as these.


Lemon bars are one of my favorite bars. I don't make them often because the hubby doesn't care for them. Yours look beautiful. Gorgeous photos as always!


I love lemon bars - great photos - I will try this one!


What on earth is YBS???


what is 3 YBS flour?


I love lemon bars. I usually don't like anything tangy but lemon bars are the exception. I already saved your recipe...will definitely give it a try!


My husband would love these...I will make them very soon. Thanks for a great recipe.


These look amazing. I looooove lemon bars. I think I've even finished a whole pan in a weekend, yikes!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Great post... Isn't funny how a successful recipe or two can really boost your cooking/baking confidence? I think these Lemon Bars were a great selection. They look fantastic.


This looks amazing!!

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