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March 05, 2010


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Looks amazing and easy...herbs tucked under the skin make it so flavorful. Can't wait to try this!

5 Star Foodie

An excellent recipe! The roast chicken looks easy to make and delicious!


Although roasted chicken is one of the few ways I really like to eat chicken, for some reason it seems like such a hassle. This recipe looks easy and - hello, Alice Waters! - delicious.

jenn (Bread + Butter)

The skin looks nice and crisp. Just what I love in a good roast. Yum yum!!!!!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Your roast chicken looks great. I'm with you on hating to truss a chicken. I usually just skip it, and hope it turns out OK. I'm dangerous like that :)


Nothing is easier than roasting chicken. This one looks mouthwatering and the best part is that lefovers are great in soups and salad the following day.


Love your picture. I don't really enjoy trussing a chicken either, so will have to try this recipe!

aileen delario

ummmm, your chicken looks really good, but it's upside down....like chicken porn, but in a good way.....


Cordon Blue.... now I'm fascinated with getting that book. Impressed that you "adapted" a chicken last year! This year's looks fantastic - I love the peas and the whole presentation. You can practically taste it from your photo!


Your chicken looks perfect and I just love Jack's favorite side dish. I need to steal that idea!


Question: do you season only with salt & pepper 1-2 days before, and add the herbs later right before cooking? Or do you season with everything at once?

concerned citizen

I'm calling CPS


I never have good luck with roasting whole chickens because I can't tell when they're done cooking so I either under or over cook. Maybe I should practice more and give this one a shot :) It looks fantastic!

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An excellent recipe! The roast chicken looks easy to make and delicious!

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