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March 08, 2010


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Tangled Noodle

I have never had the aforementioned explosive combination of Guinness & Bailey's in liquid form and I'm well past the age to even attempt it. So thank you, thank you for this much more appealing alternative! Sure, too many of these scrumptious cupcakes will mean a bit more padding around the hips but that'll help cushion me when I fall and can't get up! 8-D


wow! this is such a fantastic read! would love to have you post the recipe on my new forum.

I have opened a cupcake forum, and it's so quiet, i need lovely people like you to help me liven it up a bit?

Would love to see you there and chatting




I make a version of these for st paddy's too. The kids in southie go crazy for them!

5 Star Foodie

Wow, what a terrific St. Patrick's day treat! The combo of Guinness & Bailey's sounds awesome!


These look incredible! Thanks for sharing and thanks for an awesome commentary (and trip down memory lane, in fact!).

toasting you with my morning coffee *cheers*


I've been thinking about St. Patrick's Day food, and these look great! The filling is just amazing.


you had me at hello with the close up cupcake shot!

Healthy Foods Blog

The shots were really great and the the cupcakes as well. I think St. Patrick's Eve Party would be great if these are included on the table!


This looks absolutely amazing. I've been trying to figure out a good St. Patrick's Day recipe without resorting to green food coloring. Thank you!

jenn (Bread + Butter)

Oh, that's right St. Patty's Day is coming up. I think it's time I stock up on some Guinness. Fantastic cupcakes!!!


I keep promising to try Guiness in chocolate cake. Does it give a very strong flavour? I have a wicked Guiness ice-cream that would be great with these.


This is so funny: I actually made these last week and planned on posting about them tomorrow instead of TWD. These were amazing!!!


Forgot to mention: I made them without the ganache :)


Lol..you just described my day in the second paragraph..but hey its spring break!
I have got to make these for my friends. With the copious amount of alcohol involved, I'm sure they would love them!


I made these last year and they were so well received by my husband's coworkers that I think I'll be making them again this year! Yours look awesome!

Cookin' Canuck

My drink of choice in college was the dangerous mandatory - a mixture of Bailey's and peppermint schnapps. What was I thinking?! As a result, I have problems stomaching Bailey's. However, these cupcakes may just turn me around - they sound like the perfect way to celebrate St. Paddy's Day.


I've seen these before (over a year ago) and completely forgot about them. Now they're on my "to bake" list for this St. Pat's day! Look fantastic - can't wait to give them a try. Great stroll down "memory lane"!


three types of booze in one little cake? ferocious. this would be my preferred way to ingest alcohol. :)

shelly (cookies and cups)

oooh these look so great!!
I was more of a flaming dr. pepper girl, equally as classy ;)


I'm afraid if I made these I would just eat the bowl of frosting.

I left an award for you over on my site!

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