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March 22, 2010


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that looks amazingly yummy, I'm loving the topping too

Tangled Noodle

What an incredibly fun event and the entries sound so creative! However, I would still have given you the win because - well, just look at this! Look at all that melty marshmallow and chocolate and anything that has Bourbon already in it just take the whole cake! And the Oscar goes to . . . 8-D


I love how you put booze in everything, I'm so with you on that :) I made Mississippi Mud Cookies this weekend that were amazing. What a fun way to celebrate the Oscars.


All the themed dished sound so creative, and your cake was a fantastic idea! The bourbon in it is inspired.

Sara Tea

stop. this looks TOO good. adding booze is always the way to be, for baked goods at least haha. i cannot wait to try this out.


wow. wow. wow. saved. bookmarked.
this look mouthwatering!!!


this looks amaaaazing! I would have voted for you for sure!! Thats sounds like an awesome competition!


OMIGOD. This looks unbelievable! I love Mississippi Mud pies. But I'm really impressed at all the creative dishes your friends came up with for the Oscar party. And funny how you said that torches are just for food, when I was a kid the pyromaniac in me asked my parents for a woodburning kit and against their better judgement they got me one (they took it away from me after my first 'project' LOL)


First of all yumminess. Second, thanks for visiting our blog. I posted the answer to your question there about Passover -- the Torta is fine.

jenn (Bread + Butter)

I'm drool right over my keyboard. I need to try making something with bourbon. I can imagine the taste of it in the syrup with the cake.

5 Star Foodie

This cake sounds absolutely fabulous with the addition of bourbon!


this is just inspired. i love how you've related it to the film, and let's be honest--the bourbon infusion is nothing short of phenomenal.


That event with your friends sounds like SO much fun! I wish I had more friends who were into cooking and/or baking so we could do things like that :)

Great job on the cake - it looks awesome!!


That picture is simply amazing.


This sounds so yummy. You would have totally won if I was a judge! I LOVE that you spiked it too -- great addition!


"Lick the plate good" is a pretty good endorsement!


Oh wow love this!! I'm never really interested when I see mud pie on a menu but I would definitely order it if it looked like this!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

I shouldn't be reading this so late at night because I am now getting hungry! Looks *incredible*


Wow! I am drooling here!This looks delicious!

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All the themed dished sound so creative, and your cake was a fantastic idea! The bourbon in it is inspired.

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