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February 16, 2010


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Great post! I love that you got to meet Dorie and she knows your blog! How fun is that. Your cookies this week sound really great also, am copying that down and making those, possibly today as I think the guys would love your version! Very fun post!

food librarian

Teanna!!! How exciting!!! I'm so excited for you...and jealous! Everything your wrote is so true - Dorie is just the best. I hope her and her son come to Los Angeles and set up shop. So happy you were able to meet our idol! - mary the food librarian

Cookin' Canuck

How fun! It's always great to meet someone your look up to and realize that person is just how you imagined them to be.

Your cookies look fantastic! I love the idea of adding Rice Krispies to them.


Just awesome. I'm so happy for you.

Christine @ Fresh Local and Best

That is so awesome that you meet an icon who admires your work! What a story!

A Bowl Of Mush

Oh I love the cookies, really gorgeous!!

That's so lovely you got to meet Dorie! :)

Clivia Gardens

This is so exciting. You got to meet Dorie! Well done!


Yay! Congrats Teanna! Your practically famous! :D

Tangled Noodle

First of all, awesome cookies! From the first pic, I spotted a bit of light-colored creaminess and drooled a bit on my chin when I read that it was marshmallows!

Second, yayyyyy! How exciting for you to meet Dorie but even more spectacular that she recognized you. She sounds like an absolutely wonderful person; if it weren't for my awful lack of time management skills, I would love to join a group like Daring Bakers. It certainly sounds like you are truly part of a community! Congrats on a fabulous day!


You lucky, lucky, lucky woman... who cares about sables, you met Dorie!

Okay... the cookies are great too! But you met Dorie!!!!


I'm so excited for you! Dorie does seem like an exceptional person and I love that she takes time out of her busy schedule to connect with the food blogging community. The cookies in the purple tissue looks so pretty and your rice krispie cookies look fantastic!

5 Star Foodie

How awesome that you got to meet Dorie and she knew who you were and read your blog! The cookies with rice krispie treats look super yummy!


I had no idea who Dorie Greenspan was before I read this post, so I went online to have a look at her blog and her books. I really want to buy her Paris Sweets book, it looks great!

Can I just ask if you use any cookery books and which ones would recommend?



HOllA?! That's like a double HOLLA moment!

Btw, that's a genius idea making your cookies into rice krispie ones.


I am so jealous! I am dying to go there, but Texas is a bit too far away. My sister met her and even took a baking class with her and said she was super sweet. I love the rice krispie treat idea - I am totally going to try that next time.


I was teary eyed reading this post-what a wonderful thing that you got to meet Dorie-and even more wonderful that she knew who you were!

These cookies look amazing!!!! I love your additions!!!!


What a fun story! Dorie is the best...I'm just hoping that she'll share her baking love out West.

Your cookie variations sounds awesome...I love using cereal in cookies for that crunch.


yaaaay meeting Dorie!! How lucky are we that we live in NYC!! Wasn't Dorie so amazing?!?! I am still on cloud 9 from meeting her!! Your rice krispie cookies look delicious!!


That is so awesome! You do make beautiful stuff and I'm glad she noticed. Wonderful.

jenn (Bread + Butter)

I'm loving the cookie. Two of my favorite treats combined into one. Love it, love it, love it.

Totally awesome that you got to meet Dorie. It's always great when you get to meet someone you admire. I would have freaking out in front of her if i was there. hahaha...

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