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February 16, 2010


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Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

So fun!! I wanted to get up to Dorie's Cookie Bar last week while I was in NYC, but didn't have a chance. So glad you got to meet her :)


Okay, I'm jealous. How fantastic that you got to meet Dorie. It's not surprising that she knew who you were, you do have a great blog.


what an awesome experience! she sounds so down-to-earth and lovable--completely worthy of your adoration!
now, about the sables comparison... :)


Meeting her was such a treat. And you're right Teanna - she could not have been nicer. And the cookies were amazing! I was eating them all week through the weekend.


What an awesome story Teanna! I love that Dorie recognized you from your blog and was so sweet!

Chocolate chip cookies with Rice Krispie Treats sound so good! I'll have to try that combo.


Teanna, I'm blushing after reading your post! Thank you.

I was delighted to meet you and I love that you turned the cookies into Rice Krispie treats -- a great idea. As for the sables -- I cheated: I rolled mine out and baked them in tartlet rings.


Wow, congrats on meeting Dorie! That's an amazing story and your post made me smile :)

And, adding Rice Krispie Treats to chocolate chip cookies - what a fantastic idea!


What a great story! And rice crispy treat cookies--yum! Wish I had thought of that. Mine were pretty flat.


that is so amazing!!! congrats on meeting her and being recognized, and this variation on the cookies looks great!


Great post Teanna!! I love your recap about meeting Dorie and it's pretty much the coolest thing ever that she knew who you were!! Love the changes you made to the cookie recipe this week.


Omg that is so cool! Lucky you!


I've left a little something for you over on my blog :)


How thrilling! I think I would swallow my tongue if I met Dorie, or get all middle school dorky. She commented on my blog once and I could scarcely concentrate on work all day.

Your CCCs look great. Dorie will be very proud of you (and we all know the sables were a freak event).

The Duo Dishes

You're famous! Did you know that? Dorie proved it!


What a fantastic story. I'm so glad you got to meet Dorie Greenspan AND taste her perfect version of all these cookies we've been baking for the past two years. You'll have to go back soon, nice and early, for the World Peace cookies.


HOW FUN! I am jealous! Thanks for sharing!


Oh man, that is SO awesome that you met Dorie! I would be so flattered to have her remember my name, much less the blog name! That's so unbelievably cool, I bet you were just walking on clouds the rest of the day.


Alright, so I was totally prepared to talk about your additions to the recipe (which sound fabulous, by the way), but you met Dorie?? I was in the midst of my own Dorie-high after realizing she commented on my blog, but meeting her? Eating her recipes, made by her? Holy crap! You're a lucky lady.


Your the third person now from TWD that has met Dorie..I think that is fantastic and the picture with her is so cute!

Your cookies look great. I hope your baking with me next week! Did she sell the Honey wheat cookies at her shop?


Fantastic post. Really enjoyable to read. Great pictures too.

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