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February 09, 2010


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I love a rich fudgy brownie. Looking good!


Beautiful fudgy moist brownies. No one can eat just one.


Aren't these amazing brownies and yes the gym keeps my other foot on the ground or I would be F A T-TER hehe. Good luck with all that sugar. Oh my goodness you said we melt the butter and sugar, I think I just beat the heck out of them with my new mixer blade. The one that scrapes every grain of sugar of the side, ya know. Maybe I totally messed up. I don't remember melting the butter YIKES. oh well oooey gooey was the order of the day either way. Great job. Love fudgy brownies here!


Dang - now I'm going to have to bike an extra 5 miles just thinking about all the desserts you are going to be eating.

Sheesh. But, hey, life's short - eat it up!


Whew, I'm glad that I'm not the only one that doesn't quite grasp the concept of the exact moment in baking that makes it 'just set' Does that mean that when I shake it, it jiggles like jello but isn't liquidy? Does it mean that when I bump it that it just barely jiggles in the center? This really should be in the dictionary.

Beautiful brownies!!


Oh...your brownies are gorgeous, and happy 5th dating anniversary.


I went to Dorie's cookie bar!!! Amazing amazing! You must go immediately Teanna! Your brownies look like ooey gooey heaven!


Oh wow, so wonderful. Yum!


that's a gorgeous photograph. is that natural ligiht?


These look so delicious! A rich brownie is always fun to eat :)


Those brownies look amazing! I'm sure that I would eat them uncontrollably!


Have fun at Dories Cookie Bar, if I didn't live 1200 miles away I would be there too!
These brownies were the best!


Oh yum, your brownies look gooey and delicious! I don't even like fudgy brownies and I couldn't get enough of these. I sent them to work with my hubs because I certainly would have eaten the whole plate in a single sitting :)


YUM!!! Those look so good! There is always some reason to eat treats! It never ends!!! I didn't make these because i like box brownie mixes best (GASP)! But after seeing your brownies I want to make these!!
P.S. I am sooo jealous you get to go eat Dorie's cookies!!! If you see her tell her I LOVE her. :)

Hornedfroggy of My Baking Heart

They look SO good! Happy Anniversary, too! :)


I think I gained a few pounds just looking at that picture! But, I feel happier too ;) Now to eat them...

Happy Anniversary!


Well obviously you HAVE TO eat desserts. Just go with the flow baby. Life is too sweet to turn down a brownie. (I SO need to put that on a tshirt now! HA HA)

Clivia Gardens

Stop! Too much dessert! I want some of all of them! Let's start with brownies.

jenn (Bread + Butter)

Ooey-Gooey rich chocolate brownies would equal 2 times the workout needed for me. But that doesn't matter. I'd rather eat it up anyway.


...if decadence has a face, it gets it from here.

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