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February 02, 2010


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Sounds like we have a similar shopping problem! Not sure why I bought lupini beans, but they're in my pantry now. Your cake looks great, and the chocolate-covered raspberries sound fantastic.

Nicole @ Making Good Choices

I have the same problem in the food store! My husband needs to reign me in weekly and if I enter Whole Foods without him...I get myself into trouble! I love your picture, the cake looks SO cute.


That looks so delicious and cute! I just bought heart shaped cookie cutters for Valentines...it's my gift, but that looks so much better. Hmm. Maybe a change of plan?



Wow, perfect for Valentine's Day! I'm sold on the chocolate covered raspberries :-P

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Such pretty cakes! Definitely perfect for Valentine's Day!

jenn (Bread + Butter)

Love is in the air!!! ;-D I have that very same probably when I go ingredient shopping. Go in for 1, come out with 100. hehehe...


Wow on a few counts here!

1) Beautiful! As usual of course. :)
2) So glad I read this. I made this early, about a week early, so i never read the P&Q. I had no idea that some were commenting about the less than chocolatey flavor. I made mine with peanut butter chips and my cake was incredible, loved it!
3) Your story made me laugh, wish i was close enough to shop with you! LOL

You should try my version of this cake, you'd love it! LOL


SUPER cute! Also, I avoid that baking store like the plague because I overspend times 100 every time I go there.


I LOVE IT! Just beautiful work. How did you make the hearts? Yours did come out better. The cake was bland and not rich. Wonderful work, T!


chocolate and raspberry is one of my very favorite flavor combinations! Yum!


As I stare at the dried apricots, fresh dates that I bought last week... hm. I'll make SOMETHING from them, god help me! This looks so festive and WONDERFUL!!! A work of art - truly! I love how you deviate from the norm and come up with something beautiful and unique!

dining room table

This is a nice combination! I like both chocolates and raspberries! This is a treat!


Ciao ! i understand you ! And then you made a wonderful cake anyway !!!!

Clivia Gardens

Lovely variation! Raspberries and chocolate - well done.


I have to laugh, thinking of you going and buying everything *but* what you originally went in for. Not that, um, I'd ever do that... Your cake looks gorgeous, and I love the flavor combo!


well, not only would this taste better than a plain ol' chocolate-on-chocolate creation, it's beautiful to boot!
and wowza--70-80 hour weeks? no thanks! he must be a real trouper--i'm glad you feed him well. :)

steph (whisk/spoon)

haha! i can't go into that cake & bake shop without buying at least 4 new luster dusts...that place is a money trap! like what you did with the cake though!


Great job on the raspberry sub! I am not the biggest nut fan, and this would be a perfect change for me (and my boyfriend who adores chocolate / raspberry combo)!! I love the fondant cover too!! Awesome!


You are amazing!! That is so cute!!! I love the pink glaze!

Amber Marie

These are so pretty! Perfect for february!

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