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February 19, 2010


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What a great cause and a great idea - thank you for passing it along! Going to RT and send to all my friends in these cities.


Thanks for sharing this. I'm a three to four hour drive from Atlanta; we'd been talking about a road trip...

Carol Peterman

Oh my goodness I'm in Atlanta and there is an Atlanta event! So excited until I realized I am doing a product training that night for a big kitchen store and won't be able to go. I did email Bren and offer to donate some SpiceCare product for the raffle though. Hopefully it's not too late in the game to be able to contribute. Thanks for the heads up on this. Have fun at your event!

The Duo Dishes

Thanks for posting this! Wish you were able to take part, but sharing the word is great too. Hopefully we can virtually 'work together' another time. :)


What a brilliant cause that can help so many!!!!!

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