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February 18, 2010


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A Bowl Of Mush

Wow, the potato risotto looks fab!!


wow, he took that amazingly well! i see two keepers here--jack and this unique potato creation. :)


Eh.... YUM!!!! Love steak and potatoes and this is an interesting twist.


Yukon Golds are my new favorite potatos. So gosh darn creamy. BTW - I'd kill you if I came home and saw this in the kitchen and couldn't eat it ;) You have a good BF.


Making this dish this weekend! Thanks!!

5 Star Foodie

I love the idea of a potato risotto!


That potato "risotto" sounds awesome! But how in the world did you get such a perfect small dice?

Phyllis (me HUNGRY!)

The potato risotto looks amazing! And I love that fact that it only takes a quarter of the time of a normal risotto.
ps. like Jack, my hubby is no stranger to waiting impatiently for his food :)

jenn (Bread + Butter)

I seriously need to make risotto one of these days. It's been on my list of things to make for such a LONG LONG time. Must. Get. Arborio rice!!!!


I hope that Jack enjoyed his lunch - too funny! Potato risotto- what a great idea!


That potato risotto sounds amazing!! Potatoes are a serious weakness around here. I probably wouldn't be able to resist if I came home and you had these on the stove!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Yum... My hubby is a potato fan, so I'm sure he'd love this. He's not normally into risotto, but I'm thinking I might get away with it since it's made with potatoes!


Thanks for visiting my blog Teanna!
And that 'risotto' looks ridiculously good! How in the world did you manage to cut up all those potatoes in an 1/8" dice?


Looks amazingly good! I can understand Jack wanting to eat it right away :-P


Haha we share the pain of eating cool meals for photography sake. Those potatoes sure do look delicious!


Oh Dear Lord-I have died and gone to potato heaven. Must try this soon!


wow I must make this for Hurley he's a total meat and potatoes kind of guy! I bet Jack was one happy man when he had his lunch.


That risotto sounds sooo good. And I'm totally with you about side dishes being the star. I thought it would be cool to start a restaurant that only served side dishes. This would definitely be on the menu.


Oh wow I can just imagine how amazing the potato risotto is!


OMG. This was delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!! The potato risotto is incredible.

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