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February 25, 2010


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thank you! I am a huge lover of caramelized onions, but never thought to pickle them. brillant!

The Cooking Ninja

Really! Even Hawaii? :O

It stops snowing in France. Spring is definitely here. :) I hv some primrose flowering in my garden.

Dorothy @ Kitchen Koala

Goodness, that sandwich sounds good right about now. Time for my morning snack...a baggie of Cinnamon Toast Crunch :(

jenn (Bread + Butter)

Stay warm and cozy!!!

How this is a grilled cheese sammie I can sink my teeth into. But it'll have to wait till after lent. Darn! hahahaha....


Too funny - I am here in the snowicane and actually have leftover braised short ribs. I don't have any arugula or pepper jack cheese though... but I am loving this idea!

Carol Peterman

I wouldn't mind being stuck in my house if I got to eat that sandwich! Love the pickled twist on caramelized onions. I'll be trying that soon.

Katie @ Cozydelicious

Oh wow, this looks so amazing right now! It is nasty outside - cold, windy, and wet. And cozy, indulgent food is what I'm all about. My husband would be SO excited about this sandwich... but I'd have to actually go out in the icky weather to get short ribs so it'll have to wait for another night.

The Duo Dishes

Not jealous of that snow. Not at all. We could have a grill party with that sandwich here in LA! With extra onions please. Caramelized and pickled? Oh yes.

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Looks like a perfect sandwich... Yum!


Looks amazing!


This sandwich looks absolutely amazing. I want one right now! Hope you survive the snow - sure has been a lot of it...

shelly (cookies and cups)

wowowowowow!!! this looks so fancy and cozy at the same time! Love that!
Over here in NJ there is an insane amount of snow on the ground and still falling, and I hate it ~ enjoy your salt ;)


This looks wonderful!What a delicious sandwich!


Oh lordy!!!!! This looks amazing. When are you inviting me over to eat? Seriously...I'm fine with leftovers so holla at your girl! hehe


Pickled caramelized onions!!! Girl, my mouth is watering just at the thought of this, and I haven't had the chance to try it, yet!


Oh! I remember the salt....But now it's just a memory, I spent most of my winter with short sleeves T-shirts here in Los Angeles. Do I miss Manhattan? Yes I do. But not the salt. This sandwich looks fantastic, loved the caramelized onion idea. :-)


I saw this recipe on the cover of BA. I think I might have fainted!!!!! Your sandwich looks AWESOME!!!!!


This looks amazing! Have you posted it to http://grilledcheeseacademy.com/ yet?

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