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January 19, 2010


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These were a bit too rich for me, but definitely tasty for one tiny bite. They were super heavy, weren't they?? Yours look perfect!

Ditto to the boring games this weekend. I was really hoping for at least ONE close game!

Christine @ Fresh Local and Best

These bars look lusciously decadent!


Oh! These bars look so yummie...perfect with a glass of milk :-)


Glad they were raisin-free (note to self)... These look terrific with milk - something needs to be healthy here! Beautiful bars!


They have oatmeal, so they have to be healthy, right? Right? Delicious!

These would definitely have been the best part of the NFL games this weekend. Not much excitement at all.

jenn (Bread + Butter)

I shyly raise my hand on the 5lb weight gain from the description. But I don't care!! I want some!!!


Ciao ! Nice new photo of you ! I cut them very small before the fridge !


I was wondering if it was just me that thought the NFL playoffs were a snoozefest. I kept falling asleep!

These bars were just crazy sinful! Yours look amazing!!!!!


That's kind of what I said--they are "quick eat these bars"!
Delicious little creatures! I didn't use peanuts or raisins--I used pecans and caramel! Yes, hard to cut. Mine are better at room temp. And you scared me there--you said evaporated milk. Is that what you really used, or is that you just typed. The recipe says condensed milk so for a minute there I thought I used the wrong one.


I hope I didn't gain 5 lbs reading your description because I definitely gained more than 5 lbs eating these bars. Good lord, I did not realize how dangerous they are! I'm glad I'm not the only person who feels this way! Your bars look amazing!


Very nice!!! There bars were amazing!!! I gave all mine away at work! too tempting!


I bet that glass of milk was very necessary for those rich little bites. Love the pics :) It reminds me of a fancier Magic Cookie Bar my mom used to make with chocolate and coconut.


gaining 5lbs or not those oatmeal candy bars are delish either way! I'd have one or two then I'll just go to the gym and burn it off hehehe


These look fantastic! I could go for about 5 of those right now :o)


Your bars look fantastic. I ended up freezing most of mine and they are taunting me from the freezer!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

These bars do look really good! I think my hubby would be a big fan.


Yeah, what's with the raisins? They don't belong in the same hemisphere as chocolate.

But inquiring minds want to know - do bicep curls count as exercise while eating these?


They look great. I left out the raisins too. I have to put some in the freezer to keep my husband from eating them all.


They so look mighty tastey Teanna. I may need to make them just to improve the strength of my spaghetti arms.


I think your super-slicing power is intact! These look wonderful:)

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