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January 12, 2010


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LOOK AT YOU in the new photo! I'm loving it!

I loved this recipe, truly I did. I didn't have the first problem with the dough and I was VERY lucky with that! I cut these a bit thicker and OH MY GOD! These were fab! Thanks!


Thank you so much for hosting and picking this recipe!! Because of you I overcame my frying fears and that's what TWD is about! Yay!

(by the way, hidden berry torte was already picked. :P )


You know, I didn't do this one, and now I'm beginning to regret it. This look fabulous! Nice job!


FRIED DOUGH! Girl, you have the market cornered on all caps. Sorry I skipped these, believe me, I love just about anything deep fried, and powdered sugar makes the world a better place - but I just couldn't get into it.


All I can is: yes to fried dough! These sound like amazing cookies.


Hi Teanna, thanks for hosting us this week. I made them and agree, they were easy to make. It's also good that you chose something totally different from the chocolate-butter laden recipes that are in abundance in Dorie's book. Your photos are fab!


I was one of those who decided to bake them and now looking at all the photos of the fried ones, I'm kind of jealous! Good pick though!


Oh, don't feel bad! It was your choice and it was a good one. I know I can't wait to make it up after the baby is here. I love fried, well, everything! Just can't handle it with a pregnant belly. Your scherben look awesome!

P.S. I love your new picture - you look great!


It was so nice of you to pick one of the lonely recipes that would have been on the sidelines for at least another year. The scherben thank you! This was a fun recipe and I'm glad I didn't skip it!


I'm sorry I didn't bake with you this week. I love fried dough and will make these one day, but traveled out of town this weekend and didn't get home till last night. No time to bake (or fry!).


Even with the stress and the trauma, this was a great pick! Even if we stressed about it, it brought us closer together. Your scherben look perfect! Mrs Vogel would be proud (and she'd be a tiny bit tearful that you picked her recipe so it wouldn't be chosen last).


I must make these since my last name is Vogel. I am Mrs. Vogel! Goodbye new year's resolution!


Even though I was one of the flakety-flake-os who skipped this week, I am so glad you went out on that limb and picked something unusual...controversial...and deep fried! My husband loves fried dough so I know I'll be trying these one of these days. Your scherben photos are making me wish I had some right now!

Mrs. Vogel's son

You made my 96-year-old mother's day with your great choice! Thanks Teanna.


No apologies needed. These look great and they remind me of a similar cookie/pastry my late grandmother used to make (sans the powdered sugar). I'm new to TWD (got in this week - YAY!) but I'm going to try this one anyway, eventhough I'll be a day late. Great post! Wonderful to be part of this group!!


These look terrific - and remind me of the fried dough scraps when we made cannoli. I wonder if there was any old-time inspiration from an Italian grandmother that impacted this recipe.


Girl, I loved the recipe. I love your post. I love your pictures. Your site is just awesome. Thanks for helping me ease back into the game!

miss kate

Ha! Girl, don't apologize. Though I was one of the "I'm concerned" people, I actually loved the pick, for the reasons you state: it is one of those I look at, think "man I bet those are ridiculously yummy," but never actually make. I loved your process photos. I ended up not doing it because it seemed like a lot of hassle for just lil' ol me to eat, but I do plan on trying them soon.


Thank you for hosting this week Teanna! I was a fan of the scherben but even more than that I was happy to tackle a recipe I never would have chosen had it not been for you and TWD :) Yours look picture perfect!


Thanks for the pick... its always fun to try something different! Your scherben look great!

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