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January 12, 2010


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Amber Marie

Fried dough is fabulous! Thanks for the pick.


I love your reasons for choosing the scherben! Mine were quite a disaster, but I'm glad I tried, at least. I wish I was eating some that look like yours right now, they look awesome!

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

These look so nice & crispy! Yum!


I totally agree with all your reasons for choosing this recipe, especially #3, but most definitely #1 & #6.
These really reminded me of Cinnamon Crispas from Taco Bell!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Looks amazing! I don't usually deep fry, but I have made an exception for cannoli, and I think maybe this would be another good reason to make an exception. I just have to make sure I have lots of people here to eat it all up!


Teanna I gotta tell you this may truly be your funniest post! Even your photos were funny. I'm laughing now (& getting funny looks) thinking about the fridge photos! Oh, my goodness. Too too funny!

I'm with you on all those reasons, especially the fried dough part.


Great job and really funny post. btw Scherben meaning "pieces of broken glass" in German.


I had every intention of making these, but after two failed attempts at frying doughnuts just two days earlier, I was feeling a bit defeated with fried dough. But maybe this is just what I need to get my frying spirits back up.

Carol Peterman

Sorry I'm so late on my post. I actually made them on time, just didn't get it posted. Congratulations on your bold pick. I think you are right that it may have been the last recipe picked if you hadn't selected it. I rolled mine too thin and I think it really took away from the pleasure of them.

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I love your reasons for choosing this one. Looks great and how cool that you have a fried and baked version.

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