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January 12, 2010


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They look amazing, Teanna. Love the step by step pics, too. I chickened out this week, but I will try them, soon. You're right about the fried dough...what's not to like?? :o)


I thought I loved fried dough, but what I actually love is fried dough plastered in sugar. My scherben wouldn't hold the darn sugar! Still, these were fun to make and a great choice!


LOL LOL With all the creativity we know you... I was expecting you chose this recipe to make somekind of artsy stuff with it... like braid you beautiufl long hair with fried twister... of lace your shoes with 'em, or something. But no... sometimes simple, quick and easy it the best... and those were indeed the best! Thanks for choosing them they were great fun to make!

Very goo pick, very nicely done!


You are hilarious. LOVE the photos of your fridge. And I'd be a huge fan of fried dough - these look like crispy beignets or something. Yum!


I apologize for not baking along with you this. I have no excuse. I just didn't do it. I'm sorry!!!! I am loving your prep pics!! And great job baking them fried AND baked! You rock!!


Great pick. We loved it over here. I really enjoy your blog....you always post recipes that I have bookmarked but haven't gotten around to making yet...thanks :).


Fun, fun post, you made me smile! I am new to TWD will begin next week. Thanks!


How could anyone hate you.Sorry I didn't bake with you this week. Im trying to cut back on the sweets..for me and my family!


Wonderful pictures.

I didn't make them...sorry.

Not because I was skeert of frying...I heart fried foods, but because my men would be gone almost all week, and I didn't want to have to eat them all...and I would have.


This is an awesome pic Teanna. Because what's there not to like about FRIED DOUGH!!!!!


Great pictures. The one of the fridge is priceless. I always tend to pick the underdog too. Fried dough is always a good reason to pick a recipe.


cinnamon sugar and fried dough in their individual states bring me to my knees. the very thought of combining the two pretty much knocks me out cold. churro, anyone? :)


Oh Teanna, I didn't remember that this recipe was your pick until just now! Maybe I'll put my fears aside and try making them when my husband gets home tonight. I'll have him stand by with the fire extinguisher! ;)


Love the story about why you picked this recipe. Fried dough can be fun. Your pictures are great.


looks so, so yummy! i'm a pregnant slacker and couldn't be bothered to fry up any dough, but i'm sure they're delish. :)

Sugar B

Teanna, don't hate me. I didn't make your selection since I am heading to Cabo Mexico in a few days and I need to look ultra THIN. PLEASE FORGIVE ME! I trying to catch up with TWD too! The holiday insanity killed me!

Back to your lovely Scherben. It looks BOMB-DIGGITY yo! Your pictures are awesome . . . it's so journalistic! It reminds me of Cafe Du Monde's beignets.

Oh, did you like the last episode of Dexter? How freaky was that. The writers are GOOD. :)

btw I will be in NYC in mid May. We have to do drinks!


jenn (Bread + Butter)

Mmmm...Fried dough. Love it. Adding this to my superbowl menu. ;-D


Seriously? Who doesn't love fried dough? I am glad you picked this! I kept looking at the picture wondering when we would get to make it. They were a hit in our house! :)


Fried dough=amazing! And I promise to use the word scherben often!


I am sorry for not frying along with you these week. They look really awesome and I love that it is something different, but my hubby just started a diet and I did not want to sabotage him with fried dough. I definitely want to try these when I get a chance.

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