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January 26, 2010


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I wonder if your dad knows my husband... Whenever we're in the store he always stares longingly at the prepackaged goodies and I'm like "hello, I bake things that are SO much better." Oh well. Your brownies look wonderful! I think you may be the only person to make brownies this week - brilliant!


box brownies are so gross... while these brownies look perfect. nice adaptation


You sneeky little devil... you made then even chocolatier with icing! Humpf... should have thought about that! Mmmmmm... great idea!


Teanna don't hate me! I don't care for chocolate desserts but I do think box mix brownies darn good for a box. :)


You're like the mad scientist. I love it.


What a fabulous direction to take with this one! Can you at least lure your dad over to the Ghirardelli box mix? Everyone I know who doesn't bake from scratch swears by them.


Haha.. I totally agree!! It always amazes me how some people actually prefer box mixes over homemade. It seems crazy to me! I actually gave in once and bought cake mix just to make sure if I really didn't like it or if I was just going along with what practically every food blogger says about shortening and mixes. I'm definitely glad I baked myself some dunkin hines and fed it to my family because now I'm so sure I'll never eat mixes again. It's not worth the calories! Thanks for baking along with me!


What fun to combine two different recipes and come out with a winner! Thanks for mentioning King Arthur Flour. Joan D@bakershotline


So glad that these don't make you want to puke! They look outstanding! Hope your dad likes them, too.


I grew up with DH. All I knew. But now I know better.

Brownies - what a great idea. With ganache. Perfect!

Elizabeth - Cake or Death

Making brownies out of this bread is such a good idea! Wish I'd thought of that before I ended up with several loaves of mediocre bread. :/

And...I must confess...I hate boxed cakes and cookies (I mean, cookies?!) but I don't think boxed brownies are half bad, chemicals and all.


Looks and sounds deelish, but I must be missing something.....
Where are the bananas?


Oops! Thanks Hugo! I updated the recipe!


I could be blind, but I believe you're missing an oven temperature, pan size, and a mention of when to add the bananas. I barreled ahead and made these, with a few improvisations (350F, 9x9 pan is too small, just chucked the bananas in with the buttermilk), and they're quite good, though mine came out a little more cake-like than brownie-like. Thank you for sharing :)

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