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January 11, 2010


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Soooo rich, but sooo good!


Amazing! You can't discourage me from making this now ;) I'll just keep tellng myself "there's no butter...there's no butter..." Makes it healthy in my book!

Love the step by step pictures!


that looks amazing, I've had tres leche cake and you're right it is DANGEROUS! awesome step by step photos, do you use a tripod?


Hmmmm...this looks delicioso! I love all the photos too :)


Jessie, no, I don't use a tripod! I do the step with my left hand and shoot with my right! My camera is heavy, so it's tricky! Haha!


Oh wow, that looks great. I remember when PW made this and now I have to resist again? Yeesh, you're making it tough :)

Kathy Gori

never met a tres leches cake I didn't like, your looks luscious!


I am in major trouble now. I won't be able to stop thinking of this evil, evil cake until I make it!


I already know the dangers of regular tres leches cake. And yet you added ANOTHER element of danger - dulce de leche? Do you know just how bad this is for my sense of restraint? This looks evil.


Looks dangerous yet so delicious!


Holy cow! My best friend is Cuban and we went to eat one night and ordered a piece...but it was not right...this however looks right! I will try this cake! Thank you :-)

jenn (Bread + Butter)

Dangerous indeed!!!! I think I just gained back the couple pounds I just lost. hahahaha.....


OMG, OMG, OMG , - you did NOT just add Dulche de leche to a tres leches cake! My thighs so hate you right now because I have to make this So what it's like a cuatro leches cake now?! LOL

The Duo Dishes

It's fine that it's so bad if it will taste so good. Worth the danger!


oh my!!!! you and your desserts! amazing! this kind of reminds me of the classic "better than s*x cake" because of the how you pour the condensed milk over top, but a million times better! :)


Wow, that looks good! What a fantastic idea to add rum!!

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Oh, this cake sounds too delicious for words! Amazing with the addition of rum, love it!

Shelly @ Experimental Culinary Pursuits

Yum I bet you I would eat at least a quarter of this in 1 sitting! So light-looking but all the cream/condensed milk/evaporated milk definitely makes it a danger to your body! thanks for sharing!


I've never had tres leches cake but every time I see it I make a note to try it - maybe this will be the time I actually follow through! It looks amazing!!


danger, will robinson, danger! my goodness, would you just look at that moistness. i would never have imagined that i'd be so unbelievably enamored of something lacking butter, but here i am. and to top it with dulce de leche? sinful and divine at the same time. :)

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