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January 21, 2010


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Tangled Noodle

Did somebody say pancakes? As Pancake Girl (er, Woman), I love all manner of them, be they crepe-thin or super-fluffy, and these are most excellent examples of the latter. You've got more willpower than me - I will eat pancakes at any opportunity, including dinner.

chocolate shavings

Those sure look fluffy and amazing!


These look amazing!!! I just have to try them this weekend! thanks so much for sharing


These look rockin'!!! Fluffy pancakes? check! Blueberries? check! Awesome? Check!


These look absolutely delicious...

I think I just heard the Wyman's blueberries in my freezer call my name......


Usually I'm not too keen on pancakes (I'm being awfully English when I say I prefer crumpets!), but those look delish!!



These look super fluffy. I will have to try them out!

Sugar B

That looks so good! I want to eat that . . . RIGHT NOW! nom nom nom!


I can't believe how good these look. OMG. I want them RIGHT NOW!

jenn (Bread + Butter)

I was just watching the Throwdown episode of Blueberry pancakes and then you post this. Fluffy deliciousness. Can I come over to your place and have some? Please?! I don't care about the traveling.


Now If i just had a side of bacon.... mmmm I love big fluffy pancakes!!!!


The worlds fluffiest pancakes? yes please!
Looks like it's gonna be another pancake-weekend! ;)

Dorothy @ Kitchen Koala

Mmmm...Pancakes! I've never had "real" blueberry pancakes...only the ones made from a mix with artificially flavored blueberry-flavored bits. Need to try this recipe!


I'm drooling over that last photo! I love a fluffy blueberry pancake. Yum!


Hi Teanna, I just popped in from 5 Star Foodie and am absolutely delighted to find this recipe. I have a just enough yogurt left from the batch I made a few days ago to "whip up" this recipe. I need to just save a few tablespoons for the next batch. I find adding yogurt to pancake batter does produce a lighter pancake however, I never thought to let the yogurt mixture rest for a while. GREAT idea!!! Including seltzer water or club soda must sure add to the fluffiness.

I won't be making these tomorrow because I have an over night breakfast bake melding in the fridge but lookout Saturday morning!!!

Thank you so much for sharing...Bookmarked!!!


As usual, I love your step by step pictures! These look delicious. I've never been a big pancake fan - for some reason, I always prefer cakes or omelets - but these look so fluffy that I think I'll give them a shot!

The Duo Dishes

They look like pillows. Pancake pillows!

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Oh, yes, fluffy blueberry pancakes are our ultimate favorite! In fact, my husband won't even eat any pancakes other than blueberry or banana ones.


Are you sure we're not related? Because I LOVE pancakes (especially dripping in butter and syrup) but never eat them for that same reason. Sigh.....


How'd you know I needed help with my sorry pancake making skills? LOL, seriously my pancakes are the saddest looking thing. They taste okay but that's it...okay.

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