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January 20, 2010


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Like you, the meatloaf of my youth was quite repulsive and usually it called for a layer of ketchup on top (my public enemy #1).
As I got older though, I began to think of meatloaf as just a larger version of a meatball. Obviously the quality of the meat and good seasoning make all of the difference (as does not over mixing). Using the three types of meat here really must make for a delicious meatloaf and I am glad you like it now!


wow I cannot believe you hated meatloaf! I do not like meatloaf that is bland and dry. I know how you feel.

I have always loved meatloaf and over the years I have tweaked my meatloaf recipe and it is absolutely tasty. This recipe is definitely something different because I have never seen prunes being added into a meat dish.


My mom always hated meatloaf, so I was never exposed to it dry or otherwise. My husband loves it, though and I've tried making different versions to ensure a tasty one. This one sounds like a winner!


Looks tasty! I've added pork sausage to it which gives it a really good flavor too!

Katie @ cozydelicious

Oooh, I have never had allspice in meatloaf. It sounds yummy! I usually make a spicy meatloaf with chipotle salsa in the mix and smeared on top - because I too have a huge fear of icky dry meatloaf. The salsa does the trick, but, of course, it has to be really, really good salsa if you want really good meatloaf.


I'm very excited about this meatloaf, since it doesn't contain tomatoes...YAY!!!! THANK YOU!!!!


It's gonna take a whole lot to make me a meatloaf convert. Maybe I'll get won over with this one. And processing your potatos....I'm gonna try that soon. There is nothing better than super creamy mashed potatos.


yea my mom's meatloaf is too dry hence not allowing me to enjoy it... this recipe looks yummyyyy i may be a meatloaf convert as well

jenn (Bread + Butter)

Hehehe...I love meatloaf, but the Filipino version of meatloaf. I'll have to make that sometime. See it only takes one recipe to convert people to the meatloaf side of things. It ain't so bad. ;-D Besides, you did a great job with it. ;-D


Wow! That sounds unbelievably delicious. James hates meatloaf as well.. maybe I can convert him with this recipe. :)


Meatloaf can range so widely - I've had some terrible ones and some wonderful ones. This looks like one of the wonderful ones! Will have to try this variation next time I want a filling meal.


my favorite part about meatloaf is generally the ketchup on top. how sad. this recipe is very interesting--the allspice appeals to me.

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

I actually like meatloaf... This recipe looks great! I think the key is adding lots of flavorful ingredients to flavor the meat mixture and keep everything moist. If you like this, you should try Ina Garten's turkey meatloaf... http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ina-garten/turkey-meatloaf-recipe/index.html

I usually make half the recipe (or even a quarter) and use BBQ sauce on top (homemade if I have the time/energy).


Cilantro is your public enemy #1? Mine, too! For the past several years it seems like I can't escape from its popularity. It's everywhere! The meatloaf recipe looks really good and unique. Now that you've gotten over your meatloaf hatred, maybe you can move on to the next step: the cold meatloaf sandwich made from the leftovers for lunch the next day, (with mustard). Yum.


oh thank you! i've been dying to try a "real" meatloaf recipe forever. I've been using the McCormick seasoning packet FOREVER and while I like it, I've always wanted a from scratch recipe. Most of them use ketchup, but this doesn't!

So glad you are a convert too :)

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Sounds like an excellent meatloaf recipe! I like the mix of ground meats here!

Sugar B

You're such a good gf! Ryan, my hubs, would actually just order off of our home menu.

"What would you like to eat tonight, honey?"

"Um, I would like grilled Vietnamese chicken with a side of dumplings."

Yes, really. That is THE secret to a happy marriage. HIS happy belly.

I will definitely have to try this recipe! Thanks for sharing, DAHLING!


Thanks for sharing!


I never liked meatloaf as a kid either, for the same reasons you didn't (and my mom made it pretty regularly)!

I have been itching to make a good meatloaf myself though. Thanks for sharing this recipe.


Hey chickie :) I linked to this post from here http://www.amandascookin.com/2010/02/best-meatloaf-recipe-ever.html I haven't made your recipe yet, but your post played a part in mine ;)

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