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January 13, 2010


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That is one perfect cake.. love the decorations!


This cake is absolutely gorgeous Teanna!! I simply have to try it the next time I have a reason to make a big layer cake.

I love Christoper Kimball. I don't care what people say about him - the recipes work and that's really all I care about :)


What frosting would you have used instead of the buttercream?


Your cake looks gorgeous and totally not like a stegosaurus! I love how you decorated it and envy your creativity.


I made this cake this past weekend and it was AMAZING! My husband is still talking about the cake! Thanks for sharing your recipes!

supriya bhatia

Hey...I am actually trying this recipe right now!! I am excited, but my batter seems to be kind of on the thin side..was yours like that?? Your pic looks like it is kinda thick..I hope this cake turns out right..it looks sooo good in your pics!!!

Nike Dunks

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Rita Serrano

I have been looking for a recipe like this for almost a year.. Baking and Decorating is a passion of mine and OMG Thank you so much.. it sounds delicious... Cant wait to try.... Thanks again...

check out my FB page and let me know what you think....

Rita Serrano

Wow forgot the link....


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Brownie Dude

Thanks for the step by step instructions on this cake recipe. I made this yesterday and it turned out wonderful!!


I am going to make this but using Vanilla cake. I hope it come out ok. Will keep u posted. I love the look of the cake. Very nice! Does not look like a stegosaurus at all!!! LOL


I got so excited that I forgot to ask you if you made the Dulce Leche or if you bought it? I make mine but only leave it on the stovetop boiling for an hour and it comes out good but not as dark as yours. I clicked on the link and it says to pierce holes on the top of the can but then all the dulce leche will escape...OH-NO! Let me know please-thanks!


oh wow! I have been dreaming of a dulche de leche cake. This looks amazing!


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