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January 13, 2010


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Oh dear LORD...that looks delicious!!!!

I call Christopher Kimball "my bow tied Yoda"-he and the folks over at CI are just phenomenal!

I'd eat this cake for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert...


Definitely HOLLA! It looks amazing.


No words to describe this!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

I might have to stop reading your blog soon if you don't stop posting such *amazing* recipes!! Not only do I want to eat fried dough, but now I want to go bake this cake. I'm thinking I can convince my mom that she wants this for her birthday cake on the 24th. How could anyone say no to caramel buttercream?!


OMG. That looks fabulous. I'd like one, please.


Hey, we're pals and everything, right? I let you call me Irene and all, right? SO, here's the deal-e-o. I want that cake for my birthday. 'Kay? 'Kay! :)

Seriously, it looks amazing. Oh, yeah, and you can save the chocolate pieces which by the way was cool looking but I won't eat 'em as I'm not a chocolate fan.


Holy Yum!!


Oh, an Argentinian like me, living far from home, this cake "broke my heart" Dulce de leche, our national pride (do you know it originated in Argentina?) Of course, we never make it, we buy it !!!!
Soon, in my blog, I will start posting different recipes with it, so if you like it...Welcome!
Excellent job!


Stegosaurus. Too funny! I think it looks wonderful :) Can't wait to try my hand at making dulce de leche...


Congratulations on #1 for Foodbuzz Top 9! Your cake looks amazing & I too love Cooks Illustrated and America's Test Kitchen.


What a terrific, beautiful cake!! I must try it.


Yum- looks so good. My kind of cake.


It looks fabulous! Next time, serve dessert first!

Amy (Madame Menu)

I had my wisdom teeth out two days ago, and I have to say... when I can eat regular human food again (haha), this is exactly what I'd like. Looks absolutely amazing!


This is beautiful and I bet it was delicious! Stegarsaurus??? No... the broken candy on the top makes this cake!

Diaczun Style

looks great and sounds delicious!!


I'm not one for cakes, but this look butterly fantastic! Thanks!


What a great frosting idea! I must try it!


Looks soo good! And it's so sad when people are too full for dessert, but I would definitely leave room for this one!


oh my goodness, what are you doing to me? these cakes are gorgeous!

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