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January 13, 2010


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Oh my god! is all I can say because that cake looks lethal but oh so good!


That is a beautiful cake!! I wish I had a piece for breakfast this morning! I'm bookmarking this page so I can make this for Valentine's.


Boyfriends have such interesting perspectives.
Your cake looks incredible. This is a case when eat dessert first should apply.


That cake looks stunning... really. Yum!


Boys will be boys, I guess. Your cake is lovely. I'd like a cake like that for my birthday.


this cake is beautiful Teanna - long live Dulce de Leche!!!!!! btw - my bday is in october and I want a cake just like this :)


Wow, all I can say is wow! And I never would have thought of stegasaurus....but now that you mention it....jk!

Sara Tea

this looks beautiful! i'm also obsessed with dulce de leche right now, and i'm always obsessed with paula deen. thanks for this lovely recipe!!



That cake looks so amazing I could roll around in it.

You are so beautiful! Love the new profile picture!

I have a bit of a crush on Chris Kimball. mmmm foodie nerds!


sinfully scrumptious, teanna! paula, christopher, and frank would all be proud. :)

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Gorgeous cake! I love dulce de leche and have lots of it right now, I should make this cake today!


HOLLA! girl you've outdone it! Fabulous!


Send that cake my way please!

Bianca @south bay rants n raves

So divine. I was speechless, now my mouth is watering!


your blog is fantastic! i love this cake, so delicious!


wow, looks beautiful! i can only imagine how amazing this cake tastes!


I am a huge advocate of dessert BEFORE dinner! That is a luscious looking cake!


That's one KICK-ASS cake!!!
Im also a tiny bit disappointed at how...dorky Chris looks. I've heard him on radio, and he always sounded like a wise guy, witty and full of wise cracks. Ah well, he still rocks ass!

jenn (Bread + Butter)

Oh Teanna, why must you temp me so? I'm been trying to layoff the sweet then I saw the first tres leche cake and now this.


I think it is beautiful....I would of finished my slice!! HA!

By the way, my husband critiques my food every evening...Some times I get pissed. LOL.

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