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December 08, 2009


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I would gladly eat one of your cookies right about now! :)


I'm scared to bake mine now! The dough has been sitting in the freezer since before I left for vacation. Glad to know they taste good though.

jenn (Bread + Butter)

I've made cookies that looked worse. lol. As long as they taste good, then I'm game. Pass some my way.

Clivia Gardens

Whoa. Those are some cookies. Better these turn out this way than the sugar cookies. I'm so impressed at everything you're doing. I hope Santa brings you a spa day!


Hmmmm, I wonder what happened. I'm interested in what Vibi said about baking the cookies higher up -- it is true that if you do that, you keep the bottoms away from the higher heat. And, as Vibi also mentioned, oven temperature can play havoc with your creations, but all your other things are so beautiful. (Your pear tart was gorgeous.) I'd chalk it up to the kitchen witches being at play. Thank goodness they were still delicious.


Aren't there cookies called "ugly but tasty" cookies? I think they're Italian, and I think they had relations with some snooty shortbread, yielding these cookies :P I hope things calm down for you soon - sounds like you're super busy!


POor thing! Those sables are so tricky!


Well, dang it!

Did you bake for the whole time? I thought it looked like WAY too much time, like double maybe. I dunno though, I pulled them the minute they looked set.

Sorry :( Your pistachio and pear tart looked fab though.

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Sorry they didn't turn out right for you! They sound tasty, though!


I made these and mine looked a lot like yours, but beauty is within, right? Your blog is great, by the way.


oh, don't be so hard on yourself. now i know why most of the sables i've seen have been rimmed with colored sugar--it's probably to cover up burnt edges!


ok, so they may not win any pretty prizes. You can close your eyes while you are eating them. ;-)

Bianca @south bay rants n raves

It sounds cliche but as long as they tasted good....

steph (whisk/spoon)

oh...as long as they tasted good, whatever! your poached pear tart looks awesome, btw. not surprised to see it was a prize-winner!


My cookies were definitely more oblong than round, and I think I used too much egg yolk on the outside "painted" layer (and therefore my cookies made a kind of sizzling sound in the oven -- egg yolk getting hot underneath the sugar, I guess?). Weird, but as you say, they tasted good!

Bungalow Barbara

Thank you for baking along with me this week!

Yes, they're not the prettiest cookies. Glad they still tasted good! And you got a consolation post from Dorie!

Those sugar cookies are gorgeous! I'm glad your kitchen mojo didn't desert you for those!


LOL, Gurrrl, I'm not gonna lie to ya. They ain't purdy but they're tasty. Just close yours eyes. LOL! You know you still rock! :)

Heather Peskin

But they tasted good, right! I'm going to check out those nice sugar cookies right now.

Elizabeth - Cake or Death?

Oh man, I have made some ugly food in my day, so I feel ya. I won't lie and say they look awesome, but they do look buttery and crunchy so I can imagine they tasted delicious. Onward and upward!


well, these cookies may not be the prettiest, but your candy cane cookies totally absolutely ROCK. :)

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