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December 08, 2009


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Your title wasn't kidding, these are the ugliest in all the land! :) Just kidding, but all that matters is that they taste good, and they did, so just call it "rustic" and be done with it. :)


Ok - I LOVE these.... they look nicely brown around the edges and sandy in the centers! That's the nice thing about refrigerator cookies - they don't all look the same. Don't be too hard on yourself - I would eat them!!!

Sugar B

Wow these are hideous. Ha!

In all honesty, blindfold me and feed me, I can care less, darling.

The fact that you made these makes you better than me because I haven't yet. I am planning to for Sunday's dessert exchange party.

And I haven't watched Dexter's season finale yet. I am planning to TONIGHT. I cannot wait! Whoo hoo!

Love you MAMA T! xoxo


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