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December 08, 2009


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We've made Dorie's sables, maybe not the prettiest, but they are tasty:)


It doesn't matter to me what they look like...if they taste great, that is all that matters.


You crack me up! Hey, as long as they taste good, they don't have to win any beauty pageants, right?


Wow...and I thought mine looked bad!! LOL -- just teasing! You made like 5 million sugar cookies, so your unphotogenic sables are definitely excused!!!


So frustrating...but I'm sure they tasted great!


Yeah, they're ugly, but those other ones you linked to are gorgeous. My sables looked pretty good, but I've never made anything that looks as good as those frosted ones.


Mine failed to resemble the perfection that was in the book too. As long as they taste good who cares. Besides all those beautiful sugar cookies more than make up for these ones.


Oh my gosh, you are so funny! Glad you at least still liked them for the eatin'. I hate when something turns out so badly that it literally just has to be thrown away!
And you should certainly be proud of all those decorated sugar cookies you've been making. (I have no skill there!)


LOL! You are too funny!! Yes, your cookies are a bit on the ugly side (it feels wrong to not say how pretty they are) but I am so glad they tasted better than they looked. :} Your other cookies more than make up the these! Beautiful work!


See...and I don't think they look that bad - course I did think they were homemade cheese crackers at first. Either way, as long as they taste good who cares if it doesn't look like the picture? All of your stuff always looks so amazing, one burnt edge is not going to change that!


They tasted good and that's what counts!!


Ciao ! Mine are even worst I had to cut the edges out because they were burned (I did put the coloured sugar )!!!! We can join another tipe of contest ! Baci !!!


I win! I've made cookies that were ugly and tasted awful. I bet that they would be so good in a cookie crust. Not that they are so ugly that they need to be crushed :)


aww... they are not the uglist!!! they've got "character" lol. :)


Ok, I won't say what you don't want to hear. But I'll say this: I used to have the same problem... until I learnt two things (that was a loooooong time ago). First, after getting an oven thermometer and learnt that my oven was burning 40° too much! Imagine the difference! Second but most impotantly... I learnt ages ago, from my baking mentor: when cookies are delicate, ALWAYS bake them on the HIGHEST oven rack (No matter what Dorie says!).

And wala! Since then, no burnt cookies. Take it or leave... but it worked wonders for me.

In the end... I'm glad they were tasty! :)

Nancy (n.o.e.)

OK, if there's one thing I've learned about the culinary world, it's "taste rules" - therefore you and your cookies rule!! I loved these too, and will be trying a variation next time. Oh, and I always reduce my oven by a bit because my cookie sheets are dark.

Mary Ann

The funny part about anything like this, is that it still tastes great even if it doesn't look exactly like we want it too.
I can understand why you left off the sugar after glancing at your beautiful sugar cookies!
At least they were delish!


You know why I only have a photo of one cookie on my post? Because I had a bunch that looked like yours! Yes, I feel your pain, but they were all tasty, regardless of looks.


Hmm...your cookies look like mine. We must have read the same recipe!


Taste is far more important than looks, unless you did these for a catering gig. Plus didn't you say your camera was acting up...? Yeah, that's it...it's the camera's fault!

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